Friday, June 26, 2009

Zero Hour

End of Volume 5.

[v.o.] "Previously, on The TV Show that is My Life..."

[Montage of Summer adventures, culminating in clips of my arranging for the South Korea trip. Last party of the year at Kayla's, Jen's grad party, Circle K Spring Board Meeting, road trip to Rio, the haunted castle at night, the abandoned castle during the day, Cedar Point, driving aimlessly through Medina County, getting pulled over in Bedford Reservation, the abandoned school, 24 hour Walmart, Donut Depot, IHOP, Kim's picnic, The Melt, Edgewater, buying fireworks, setting them off,...

...Eventually fading to live-- Andrew, sitting at the Cleveland Hopkins international Airport. It's 7:45 AM. He has his labtop and carry on bag, and his large travel case finally packed with clothes. Passport in hand, he waits patiently to head to Atlanta, Georga. His plane leaves at 9:30 AM.]

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Panda said...

you have so much time on your hands lol