Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Day 5 (if you start from where I started.) Technically, its the second day of the program. Regardless:

I'm LOVING Korea! This is an awesome trip! It's practically a vacation, the "classes" don't require much work - just exploring aspects of Korean culture. Yesterday we learned about Hangil the Korean written alphabet, and did two hours of practicing that. Also were invited to the awarding of an Honorary Doctorate to a national celebrity, and today we learned about Korean history and the differences between Korean culture and western culture.

The first two days were unbearably hot and sunny, thought I'd sweat away my ... I dunno, there's not "DeF. phrase" for this situation. But since then its been very rainy, muggy, wet. But cooler, woohoO! Everyone else hates it, I'm loving it.

Remarkable Observations:
Koreans rarely wash their hands in the bathroom x_x I still have.
Because of that, there are sinks but *NO* paper towels/air dryers. ANYwhere.
Korean chopsticks are thinner and flatter than Chinese or Japanese chopsticks. Imagine my shock when some Chinese students were confused by the Korean chopsticks. It led to a fun conversation.
Most Koreans speak a tiny bit of English, but will tell you they don't speak any because they are shy about using it. But they are understanding you.

Remarkable facts:
Also on this trip are students from Alabama, Idaho, Minnesota, Canada, China, Japan, Germany, Romania and Morrocco.

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