Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Abandoned Car Parts Storage Factory

Happy summer all! As it's been a while, I felt the urge for some urban exploration! And find abandoned buildings I did.

On the outside, this abandoned-car-parts factory looks potentially still in use, its a little boarded up, but not so much as many buildings. On the East side of Cleveland, alot of the houses around it were more boarded up than this place.

After a long walk along the side, we found we didn't even need to vandalize/break anything to break in.

The back of this place is used for storage of a bunch of crazy things, from old car-odometers, tail lights, and bumpers -- to the largest collection of abandoned boats I've ever come across.

Inside, creepy generic abandoned room. I didn't get too indoors cause I didn't want to stay long in case the police came - and knew I'd want to come back.

As many abandoned buildings have, creepy abandoned dirty bathroom! Still not as impressive as the one with the haunted water fountain.

For next time: The Upstairs. I didn't go too deep into the building part of the building, it was kinda C-shaped but I did explore alot of the piles and stacks of odd extra dangerous parts.

Quotes of Lately:
"Like I always say, you need to buy pants, to wear pants..." - Me, with Jen at Crocker Park Outdoor Mall

"SUDOWOODO!" - Me, making fun of a stuffed Pokemon animal with a little kid near by looking at me funny. Now a symbol of me and Panda's ridiculousness.

"Risque!/Risk-KAY!" - Sarah, learning some new vocabulary this summer.

Song of Lately: New favorite song (even if just for a couple days) was "Stuff is Messed Up" by The Offspring. Lol, it was entertaining to blast driving through farmland-Ohio. There's a fast part in it i'd like to learn for no apparent use but to say I did...
"...Shopping Sprees, RPG's
Ecstasy, Atrophy,
Genocide, Pimp my ride,
Politize, Euphemize,
Injustice everywhere,
Apathy, I don't care,
Hurricanes, Climate change,

Therapy, I won't tell,
Rehab and LOL,
Worldwide calamity,
TV Reality,
Euthanize, supersize,
Death squads and boob jobs,
VIP infamy,
Gratify instantly...."


Mike said...

Dude we need to explore abondoned shit next year! So awesome. Too bad we never got to check out the Chippewa amusement park. They tore it down for like, a culinary school and a Hilton. A fucking Hilton! In little podunk Chippewa! WTF.

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