Saturday, October 31, 2009

Soo Tired

Ugh, I dunno why I do it to myself. But I am sooo tired, it's 4:17 in the morning on Halloween day and I'm working the desk. (Oh I remember now, I need money like nobodies business.) Hopefully my tuition disbursement check comes today to my home address, cause if not there's gonna be some issues. But enough about my money issues.

So err, I guess I haven't been doing some things right for the District of Circle K cause I get a letter of complaint from the governor. I was on the fence before about DCON chair, and I think I had an okay idea - but that does it - I want out of this student organization. Obviously I'll still volunteer at the club level next year but I do no want an elected position. Rather, I may run for President of College Democrats. We'll see what happens, but elected or board position in CKI? Unlikely. Too much crazy.

Ugh. So the other day, I was waiting for Patsy so we could go food shopping and I was hopping merrily back and forth from two wooden dirt-holder-backers in our front yard, when I landed on the side of one badly and twisted my ankle and likely strained it. It got really swollen, and hurt like hell the first night, now its just a minor pain.

Yuck I feel disgusting. Because I'm awful about waking up on time to come here for 4am shifts, I decided to nap in the lounge for an hour and a half and just come out here come my shift time. Yuck my breath stinks. But earlier I observed "Nightmare on Sumner Street" - a block party-esque street encompassing party involving/not really/Sarah's house.

Ugh, disjointed thoughts.

Well, I've got 4 hours - hopefully I'll clean some of this up, if not, you can rest assured the next post will be cleaner and more organized than this.

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's in the Water

"Wit beyond measure..." did not get me out of my ticket :( Blah, $191!!! That's ridiculous for 79 in a 60 (which I thought was 65 to be fair), and I don't care if it's justice working, Newburgh Heights is now on my vendetta list! Seriously, next free chance I get to make money off of the city of NBH, its on like Donkey Kong bitch!

The question I must ask myself, how would Veronica Mars seek vengeance? Well, like I said - I'll get back to that after the other craziness in my life finally settles. Still got disbursement checks to worry about, not to mention the day to day operations like Circle K, other student orgs, and living in a house. But maybe it's just me - but it seems like everyone in my life has just been crabby lately! Like, life's been a bitch to everyone it seems - bad days all around. This is a bad Fall methinks. And I can see it in the eyes of pretty much everyone around me, my presence in particular is starting to get on people's nerves. Now I'm sure your going to say "well stop being annoying" -- well I say Shut up. This is my blog, so I'll complain how I want to -- but I will try to stop annoying everyone, but its not just me. But to be safe, I'm going to try to hermit it a bit for a few weeks I'm thinking.

Ugh, so I stopped at home and had an annoying visit with mom. David quit his job, and the house is more messy than usual. Came back, cleaned my room and did some dishes, went through the mail I picked up at home after a fail day in NBH court. (Remarkable fact: The Village of NBH's Mayor serves as their sole Judge. A Village, by definition, is much small than a city, so even though Garfield Heights used to be a part of NBH until we seceded in 1918 - we have since grown far larger than them.)

Among my mail was boring bills, reminder that I'm waiting on my loan check, and my 5/3rd card had been accidentally leaked by a third party - so they had to send me a new one. Luckily, since I only get my mail every couple weeks the card was also in the same pile of mail. But still had to call 5/3rd and confirm my identity, which is never fun.

Upcoming Movie of the Day: The Fourth Kind. Ever since the 5th grade question of "Was The Blaire Witch Real?" I have almost always guarenteed movies are never based on real life events, unless VERY barely. This movie claims to use archival footage, of a Psychologist in Alaska... turns out that's just a marketing ploy. It is VERY Loosly based off a series of disappearances in Nome, Alaska - and the people of Alaska are outraged (particularly the families of missing) that they would fictionalize it in this way. Oh well, I still may see the movie - looks pretty interesting. It seems to be about Alien abductions of the "fourth kind" -- titled similarly as "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" - a famous movie from the 1980s.

Song of the Day: Which to Bury, Us or the Hatchet by Reliant K. This came up on my "3Oh!3" Pandora Channel. Reliant K songs come up alot on my Pandora. This one is interesting, it doesn't relate to anything in real life - just liked it. (Lyrics)

Quote of the Day: In Japanese class earlier, people were having trouble writing the Hiragana for "Ta." (pictured)
Senseii (Teacher): "Some of you... still having trouble writing "Ta" Hiragana." *writes wrong version* "Many of you are doing this, this is no." *crosses it out, writes a different wrong-er version* "Some of you are writing this, This, is Hell No." (class laughs) "I... amnot Christian, so I can say that because I cannot go to hell..."

'tis The Season

Alright, it's not Halloween yet - nor is it Thanksgiving yet. But it's time to start my Christmas shopping list! I suck at figuring out what to buy people :( and people back-and-forth argue I'm easy to shop for or impossible to shop for. But for my own reference, here is first thing that has made it's way onto my Christmas list...

10. "The Battle for America 2008" - a Book about the 2008 election. I saw this in the store and thought, Darn! I wanted to write a book like that! Oh well. My new favorite part about this is the cover has all the important figures in this elections: Hillary, McCain, Obama, Biden, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Sarah Palin, Tina Fey, Jon Stewart... 29.99 at Barnes and Noble, 19.77 on Amazon. Still looking for my Borders coupons though, may buy it for myself.

Quote of the Weekend: (At Make a Difference Day) Guy in Charge: "[radio static] Bus 11, don't forget the gascan, rake and lawnmower before you leave your site."
(long pause) Divya: "Ohhh crap."

Sunday, October 18, 2009


So I went and saw Paranormal Activity tonight! n.n which is awesome cause I really wanted to, and we were kinda late so we were incredibly lucky to get the awesome seats we did (courtesy of Sarah's lucky ring.) This pic, I found on the internet, was actually part of a prop used in the movie I guess that I thought was kinda cool. I love movie/tv show prop kind of things! This is Michah (Meeka) and Katie, two innocent young twenty somethings who have nothing better to do with their time than hunt the ghost/"paranormal creature thing" that haunts them at night between the hours of 2 and 4 am. That movie was SCARE-Y at a few certain parts, but overall even, I liked it.

And the public appeal is crazy! Like every showing is selling out, good thing I bought those tickets ahead of time (at Sarah's suggestion.)

Quotes from working the desk: So I'm working tonight 4-8, and there's a black girl and a white girl discussing stuff that ya know, black people and white people wonder about each other but are too afraid to ask! It's kinda interesting. They've talked about names, hair, country music, Obama, and a bunch of stuff.
"Whats the strangest black girl name you've heard?" - Wg "Like, all my cousins have strange names. I have a cousin Shaniqua." - Bg "There was a girl in my high school, named Ladasha. But it wasn't spelled like, L-A-D-A-S-H-A, it was spelled L-A-hyphen-A. So it looked like La-a, but the dash was pronounced..." - Wg
"Ohmigosh, there's a place called Elyria!" - Wg "Elyria, Ohio... you've never heard of Elyria?" - Bg

Song of the Day: "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga. No particular reason, but this song is okay. It was the last one playing on the radio before I turned the car off to come to work. ...okay, the music video is crazy -- Lol?! You should go watch it.
If you've wondered what a parapalegic Gaga outfit would look like, your questions are answered. wtf lady gaga, your crazy, but I love it. She deserves to be crazy, if she wants to be its totally working for her and she's not crazy and harming anyone. I heard somewhere, I don't remember anymore where it came from either the internet or a friend -- but of someone dressing up as Gaga for Halloween. So easy, a CRAZY OUTrageous outfit plus a blonde wig.

(The infamous Lady Gaga Bubble Outfit, my personal favorite (so far) of her crazy clothes.)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


So the search for a costume continues, but the Pokemon theme is proving popular! Patsy bought her Pikachu costume today for less than 5 bucks (it was pretty impressive actually, its gonna look cool.) But for me, the most convincing image I'd try to emulate so far would have to be This One of a Sandslash.

Upcoming Movie of the Day: "Paranormal Activity". So this film was made on a budget of 15,000$ (where as, "Couples Retreat" for example was made on a budget of 60 million dollars.) But all the reviews for it are RIDICULOUSLY awesome. Like, this is what Horror movies are supposed to be. Not serial killers like Michael Myers and Jason, freaky shi* that f**ks with your mind and makes you scared to go to bed at night!!! Well "Paranormal Activity" is documentary style (similar to The Blaire Witch Project) follows a couple that thinks their house might be haunted. Well, if the videos meme-cramming the internet of audience members jumping like I've never seen before are any indication, the house is haunted. This totally makes me think of Amanda, and how she isn't scared by anything cause we've been so numbed to horror movies since we were kids. I really am interested in seeing if this movie will scare her, so if my Plan A doesn't work maybe I'll head back to Garf and see if she's busy. But this would be a cool thing to do post-Circle K Social this weekend!

* The Official Movie Website; Someone's review: "The scariest movie of the decade..."

Song of the Day: "Radar" by Brittany Spears. Third single from her new album I guess (behind Womanizar and Circus?) the first time I heard this was actually a while ago and I couldn't discern the lyrics (I thought it was something like "omaraida" - they are actually "[you're] on my Radar...") Anyway. It's become increasingly catchy and now I can't get it out of my head cause it was the last song on the radio when I parked coming to work. The video is about Spears is with rich LaCross (?? or Rugby, idk - some EuroSport) when the horse caretaker (who of course is a young Abercrombie-esque man in cowboy apparel) enters the picture and - gets on her RADAR - which technically is an acronym, but ignoring that for a moment. Well, cowboy-boy once he's on her Radar she starts straying from LaCross dude. The music video's nothing special actually, pretty boring compared to Womanizer. Circus is pretty boring too if I remember right. Womanizer by far favorite song of this CD so far, but I heard "Third" the other day and it wasn't god-awful...

*Update: The EuroSport, btw, is polo.

Remarkable Fact: A professional Polo player: Ralph Lauren, founder of the company who made the Polo shirt popular.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's that time again...

Hm, what to be for Halloween. While driving today, me and Sarah decided to stick wiht one of our many possible-costume themes this year, and went with Pokemon (over The Wizard of Oz characters.) Now I have to find a good Pokemon to make into a costume! Turns out, I'm not the first person to do so (duuh?) but the "cosplay" (costumes made for Anime conventions) out there are RIDICULOUS! Some are clearly the result of massive patience, creativity, and dedication.

I like this one. I would definitely just settle for doing this, if it didn't mean totally stealing this guys idea and not being creative. I found this particular image in this video btw. (link)

Now these young girls chose to make a costume that was themed after the Pokemon, but the intention isn't to look Exactly like the Pokemon (I like the use of feathers, considering their birds afterall.)

Lets see. Now I have to come up with a costume for myself. Most have said "you should be Bulbasaur" - because he's my favorite Pokemon. Well, I do not think I could pull Bulbasaur off without it looking too ridiculous for my taste. I have some sense of pride afterall, even if I am dressing up as a childrens cartoon animal at age 20. But just for reference, here are some attempts that lead me to believe my endeavor to costume as Bulbasaur would fail... enjoy

Here we have a pattern for parents to make their kid a costume...

This link features a creative attempt at Bulbasaur, from a less formal view like the Articuno and Zapdos seen above. Then we've got...
This is just kinda creepy!

Suffice it to say, I don't want to be Bulbasaur. So I have to search for other Pokemon to make a costume for. Also, I may want to try to work a colored-button up shirt as part of the costume if I can, to keep with my personal theme. Lol, this made me think of "what if Hillary Clinton had a pokemon costume-made pantsuit..." Googling "Hillary Clinton" and "Pokemon" together btw does not bring up anything interesting, nothing :/ how disappointing. But to return to topic, the pokemon I am considering (though not limited my selection only to) are...

(L-R, T-B: Vaporeon, Scyther, Kadabra, Nidorino, Sandslash, Poliwhirl. Poliwhirl is basically my LAST resort, as even I consider it waaay too easy.)


This post is dedicated to the memory of Raymond, my good friend Renata's 10-year old nephew who died far too young, before being able to do far too much. I hope Renata and her family the best, and that they may find a way to cope with the loss of their loved one.

Monday, October 12, 2009


They're creepy and they're kooky...  ...mysterious and spooky
see more Political Pictures

Song of the Day: Haha, "She Wolf" by Shakira. It's like she went about trying to make a stranger music video than Beyonce's "Single Ladies" though not as artistically creative. The first 50 seconds of this video in particular have nothing to do with anything, the gold mine just seems out of place, but da*n she certainly displays her ridiculous flexibility. Odd song, I'm not really a fan of it - but downloaded it recently to put it on a CD of currently popular US songs for the Koreans.

Quote of the Day: (Japanese class, we're learning to negotiate. IE: "Want to meet in Borders to read magazine?"; "Borders is inconvenient, how about Library?"; "How about __")
Student: (in Japanese) "(Place) is also inconvenient, how about...... bathroom?"
Teacher: "Stop. You cannot read magazine together in the bathroom... it is weird."

Lol, the teacher says weird funny, its always entertaining...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Andrew Gets a Ticket

So today went interestingly. Got like 4 hours of sleep, had to be up crazy early for our numerous service projects - but cleaning up at Salvation Army went well, and was kinda interesting. After that went out to Cedar Point with Sarah, Amanda and Van der Kamp and Kyuhun (who it turns out brought two Japanese lady friends!) Which meant I got to practice the tiny Japanese I know, lol. But even though it was Hallo-weekends, I would say we had pretty good time rode alot of rides considering.

BLAH, but had to work at 4am and we stayed till like 10:30, so I was deeeeead tired driving back while the girls were asleep. Though I avoided falling asleep at the wheel, I got pulled over and got a speeding ticket for 79 mph - ARrr. Considering how often I average 80mph, Karma was bound to catch up with me but still - my opinion of today despite how much fun it was was blaahed. After some googling into fighting tickets (some) I'll have to read the thing closer to figure out what I want to do.

Now I'm working 4-8am, watching things and The West Wing season 1 DVD's. Ah, I miss politics. President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize the other day - how crazy is that!? Only 2 other sitting Presidents have received the Nobel Peace Prize, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Jimmy Carter won it after his Presidency. I dunno, I don't think he was the Best choice, but if they selected him I'm not going to argue. Their reasoning seems to be based on his idea of international cooperation, his message to the international community to repair America's image abroad. Not so much for actual achievement towards peace, as he was nominated only 2 weeks into his Presidency and no democrat's going to say he was deserving already. But I think the idea can be summed up by this quote from a spokesman at the State Department: "Better to be thrown accolades than shoes." (cite)

Woo! I actually just saw a report on something on the news I think I'll mention about.
"WASHINGTON -- President Obama -- confronting gay critics who expected his administration to have done more by now on gay rights issues -- said Saturday night he understands their impatience with him and vowed to deliver on his pledges, including ending the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. (cite)
Woohoo, I am a strong supporter of repealing that particular rule. It is one many changes in government I would like to see in the near future, one by one President Obama is addressing every day it seems! Earlier they were more interesting, and it's been a couple months of boring and health care, but I hope the President is successful in repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell and quickly - and hopefully manages a public option in Health Care.

Quotes of the Day:
"I want to have a boat that does both, one that goes on water!" - Sarah

"You are Teacher's cat." - Van der Kamp's attempt at "teacher's pet"

Song of the Day: "Love Drunk" by Boys Like Girls. This song has been stuck in my head since I made Kyuhun and Van der Kamp those CD's! I like it alot for some reason, and it actually has some interesting lyrics. Played it on my phone while I was cleaning Salvation Army.

"I used to be love drunk, but now I'm hungover
I love you forever, but now it's over

All the time I wasted on you
All the bullshit you put me through
I'm checking into rehab 'cause everything that we had
Didn't mean a thing to you

I used to be love drunk, but now I'm hungover
I love you forever, but now I'm sober "

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Year was 1995...

Song of the Day: "TGIF" by The Secret Handshake. So, while wandering the internet *trying* to branch out from the top 40 stuff I always listen to (as all my friends seem to complain about it for some reason) I came across this song accidentally, and I LOVE IT! And for a brief few minutes, I felt like I'd finally discovered something on my own -- only to Wiki the band and its the same darn singer that sings "I Wish" that I loved a couple weeks ago that was actually discovered by Sarah.

90's Flashback: The Full House House!
(This site is being really fussy,
to see full size you'll have to follow the link.)

Anyway, the song is about a guy flashing back to the 90s and says how he "lived life through his TV" - and it totally reminds me of me. "But now I'm old enough to drive" and obviously life's no TV show. I definitely analyze the world from the perspective of having been raised on television. "I just wanna life my life like it's the 90's. Like it's a TV show. Life gives you problems, but we would solve them, on next weeks episode..."

"Step By Step, these are Family Matters
and why Boy Meets World, I'll never ever know
Who's the Boss here? Its a Fresh Prince.
We got a Full House, let's get the show on the road... "

Hm, maybe I'll try to see this guy at the House of Blues in Cleveland November 16th (link). I wanna see more concerts, oh Black Eyed Peas and Katy Perry where art you'z?

Anyway, good day observing high school history students at Wadsworth High School. Way too simple - the kids were all abnormally perfect, no disruptions, and they watched a video - they didn't want to watch (An Inconvenient Truth) and did not talk once! I could only find one person not watching the video, that was falling asleep. This is madness.

So as for some 90's flashback, I found a video of "Teen Angel" - a TGIF show that only lasted 8 episodes before being canceled. I remember watching it, and it was okay. (Watching it again now, its clearly awful.)

Anyway, halfway through work, still wanna send in a Circle K thing and look at another Circle K thing before I go to bed. (after work...) and maybe look into a secret project thing. Maybe not, I'm suddenly hit with tiredom. One step at a time.

More 90's Flashback: Went to look for a pic of the Winslow house from Family Matters, instead found a little clip of fans going on a pilgrimage to it! It's actually an interesting little 5 minute thing (Seen through this awesome link!) You should go watch it. Also, I think the Nostalgia Critic makes a cameo!?!?! wtf?

Remarkable Facts: Up until like, High School I never realized the show "Family Matters" was actually name "Family Matters." We *ALWAYS* called it "Urkel" in my house. Strange that as a kid I never put two and two together that the opening credits definitely say Family Matters.

The two things I remember most about "Full House"? An episode where the girls put a hole in Danny's bedroom wall and Michelle has to distract him from going upstairs by "saying her phone number with her eyes closed." Which for some reason, yeeeears later, I remember as being 555-2424. Me and Kim inside joke about it occasionally. Also, Stephanie's line "How rude" has long been a part of my personal phrase vocabulary.

Quote of the Day:
"Do you guys like, plan how to make fun of every little thing I say?" - Laura
"Yup, we get together after Exceptionalities and brainstorm as a group." - Mike
"Aww, come on now, it's really not so hard that we have to plan ahead..." - Me
"[Lol] oh man, being around you guys I get such a great ab work out...
... ...from laughing so hard, if that wasn't clear." - Laura
"Yeah, we got that." - Me.

Oh man my Education car-pool is entertaining! lol