Monday, October 12, 2009


They're creepy and they're kooky...  ...mysterious and spooky
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Song of the Day: Haha, "She Wolf" by Shakira. It's like she went about trying to make a stranger music video than Beyonce's "Single Ladies" though not as artistically creative. The first 50 seconds of this video in particular have nothing to do with anything, the gold mine just seems out of place, but da*n she certainly displays her ridiculous flexibility. Odd song, I'm not really a fan of it - but downloaded it recently to put it on a CD of currently popular US songs for the Koreans.

Quote of the Day: (Japanese class, we're learning to negotiate. IE: "Want to meet in Borders to read magazine?"; "Borders is inconvenient, how about Library?"; "How about __")
Student: (in Japanese) "(Place) is also inconvenient, how about...... bathroom?"
Teacher: "Stop. You cannot read magazine together in the bathroom... it is weird."

Lol, the teacher says weird funny, its always entertaining...

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