Sunday, October 18, 2009


So I went and saw Paranormal Activity tonight! n.n which is awesome cause I really wanted to, and we were kinda late so we were incredibly lucky to get the awesome seats we did (courtesy of Sarah's lucky ring.) This pic, I found on the internet, was actually part of a prop used in the movie I guess that I thought was kinda cool. I love movie/tv show prop kind of things! This is Michah (Meeka) and Katie, two innocent young twenty somethings who have nothing better to do with their time than hunt the ghost/"paranormal creature thing" that haunts them at night between the hours of 2 and 4 am. That movie was SCARE-Y at a few certain parts, but overall even, I liked it.

And the public appeal is crazy! Like every showing is selling out, good thing I bought those tickets ahead of time (at Sarah's suggestion.)

Quotes from working the desk: So I'm working tonight 4-8, and there's a black girl and a white girl discussing stuff that ya know, black people and white people wonder about each other but are too afraid to ask! It's kinda interesting. They've talked about names, hair, country music, Obama, and a bunch of stuff.
"Whats the strangest black girl name you've heard?" - Wg "Like, all my cousins have strange names. I have a cousin Shaniqua." - Bg "There was a girl in my high school, named Ladasha. But it wasn't spelled like, L-A-D-A-S-H-A, it was spelled L-A-hyphen-A. So it looked like La-a, but the dash was pronounced..." - Wg
"Ohmigosh, there's a place called Elyria!" - Wg "Elyria, Ohio... you've never heard of Elyria?" - Bg

Song of the Day: "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga. No particular reason, but this song is okay. It was the last one playing on the radio before I turned the car off to come to work. ...okay, the music video is crazy -- Lol?! You should go watch it.
If you've wondered what a parapalegic Gaga outfit would look like, your questions are answered. wtf lady gaga, your crazy, but I love it. She deserves to be crazy, if she wants to be its totally working for her and she's not crazy and harming anyone. I heard somewhere, I don't remember anymore where it came from either the internet or a friend -- but of someone dressing up as Gaga for Halloween. So easy, a CRAZY OUTrageous outfit plus a blonde wig.

(The infamous Lady Gaga Bubble Outfit, my personal favorite (so far) of her crazy clothes.)

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