Thursday, October 15, 2009


So the search for a costume continues, but the Pokemon theme is proving popular! Patsy bought her Pikachu costume today for less than 5 bucks (it was pretty impressive actually, its gonna look cool.) But for me, the most convincing image I'd try to emulate so far would have to be This One of a Sandslash.

Upcoming Movie of the Day: "Paranormal Activity". So this film was made on a budget of 15,000$ (where as, "Couples Retreat" for example was made on a budget of 60 million dollars.) But all the reviews for it are RIDICULOUSLY awesome. Like, this is what Horror movies are supposed to be. Not serial killers like Michael Myers and Jason, freaky shi* that f**ks with your mind and makes you scared to go to bed at night!!! Well "Paranormal Activity" is documentary style (similar to The Blaire Witch Project) follows a couple that thinks their house might be haunted. Well, if the videos meme-cramming the internet of audience members jumping like I've never seen before are any indication, the house is haunted. This totally makes me think of Amanda, and how she isn't scared by anything cause we've been so numbed to horror movies since we were kids. I really am interested in seeing if this movie will scare her, so if my Plan A doesn't work maybe I'll head back to Garf and see if she's busy. But this would be a cool thing to do post-Circle K Social this weekend!

* The Official Movie Website; Someone's review: "The scariest movie of the decade..."

Song of the Day: "Radar" by Brittany Spears. Third single from her new album I guess (behind Womanizar and Circus?) the first time I heard this was actually a while ago and I couldn't discern the lyrics (I thought it was something like "omaraida" - they are actually "[you're] on my Radar...") Anyway. It's become increasingly catchy and now I can't get it out of my head cause it was the last song on the radio when I parked coming to work. The video is about Spears is with rich LaCross (?? or Rugby, idk - some EuroSport) when the horse caretaker (who of course is a young Abercrombie-esque man in cowboy apparel) enters the picture and - gets on her RADAR - which technically is an acronym, but ignoring that for a moment. Well, cowboy-boy once he's on her Radar she starts straying from LaCross dude. The music video's nothing special actually, pretty boring compared to Womanizer. Circus is pretty boring too if I remember right. Womanizer by far favorite song of this CD so far, but I heard "Third" the other day and it wasn't god-awful...

*Update: The EuroSport, btw, is polo.

Remarkable Fact: A professional Polo player: Ralph Lauren, founder of the company who made the Polo shirt popular.

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