Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's that time again...

Hm, what to be for Halloween. While driving today, me and Sarah decided to stick wiht one of our many possible-costume themes this year, and went with Pokemon (over The Wizard of Oz characters.) Now I have to find a good Pokemon to make into a costume! Turns out, I'm not the first person to do so (duuh?) but the "cosplay" (costumes made for Anime conventions) out there are RIDICULOUS! Some are clearly the result of massive patience, creativity, and dedication.

I like this one. I would definitely just settle for doing this, if it didn't mean totally stealing this guys idea and not being creative. I found this particular image in this video btw. (link)

Now these young girls chose to make a costume that was themed after the Pokemon, but the intention isn't to look Exactly like the Pokemon (I like the use of feathers, considering their birds afterall.)

Lets see. Now I have to come up with a costume for myself. Most have said "you should be Bulbasaur" - because he's my favorite Pokemon. Well, I do not think I could pull Bulbasaur off without it looking too ridiculous for my taste. I have some sense of pride afterall, even if I am dressing up as a childrens cartoon animal at age 20. But just for reference, here are some attempts that lead me to believe my endeavor to costume as Bulbasaur would fail... enjoy

Here we have a pattern for parents to make their kid a costume...

This link features a creative attempt at Bulbasaur, from a less formal view like the Articuno and Zapdos seen above. Then we've got...

This is just kinda creepy!

Suffice it to say, I don't want to be Bulbasaur. So I have to search for other Pokemon to make a costume for. Also, I may want to try to work a colored-button up shirt as part of the costume if I can, to keep with my personal theme. Lol, this made me think of "what if Hillary Clinton had a pokemon costume-made pantsuit..." Googling "Hillary Clinton" and "Pokemon" together btw does not bring up anything interesting, nothing :/ how disappointing. But to return to topic, the pokemon I am considering (though not limited my selection only to) are...

(L-R, T-B: Vaporeon, Scyther, Kadabra, Nidorino, Sandslash, Poliwhirl. Poliwhirl is basically my LAST resort, as even I consider it waaay too easy.)


This post is dedicated to the memory of Raymond, my good friend Renata's 10-year old nephew who died far too young, before being able to do far too much. I hope Renata and her family the best, and that they may find a way to cope with the loss of their loved one.

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