Saturday, October 31, 2009

Soo Tired

Ugh, I dunno why I do it to myself. But I am sooo tired, it's 4:17 in the morning on Halloween day and I'm working the desk. (Oh I remember now, I need money like nobodies business.) Hopefully my tuition disbursement check comes today to my home address, cause if not there's gonna be some issues. But enough about my money issues.

So err, I guess I haven't been doing some things right for the District of Circle K cause I get a letter of complaint from the governor. I was on the fence before about DCON chair, and I think I had an okay idea - but that does it - I want out of this student organization. Obviously I'll still volunteer at the club level next year but I do no want an elected position. Rather, I may run for President of College Democrats. We'll see what happens, but elected or board position in CKI? Unlikely. Too much crazy.

Ugh. So the other day, I was waiting for Patsy so we could go food shopping and I was hopping merrily back and forth from two wooden dirt-holder-backers in our front yard, when I landed on the side of one badly and twisted my ankle and likely strained it. It got really swollen, and hurt like hell the first night, now its just a minor pain.

Yuck I feel disgusting. Because I'm awful about waking up on time to come here for 4am shifts, I decided to nap in the lounge for an hour and a half and just come out here come my shift time. Yuck my breath stinks. But earlier I observed "Nightmare on Sumner Street" - a block party-esque street encompassing party involving/not really/Sarah's house.

Ugh, disjointed thoughts.

Well, I've got 4 hours - hopefully I'll clean some of this up, if not, you can rest assured the next post will be cleaner and more organized than this.

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Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear that things aren't going so well at the moment. Hope your ankle gets better soon!

This coming Thursday I start work at noon. Any chance you wanna grab lunch before my shift starts?