Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Year was 1995...

Song of the Day: "TGIF" by The Secret Handshake. So, while wandering the internet *trying* to branch out from the top 40 stuff I always listen to (as all my friends seem to complain about it for some reason) I came across this song accidentally, and I LOVE IT! And for a brief few minutes, I felt like I'd finally discovered something on my own -- only to Wiki the band and its the same darn singer that sings "I Wish" that I loved a couple weeks ago that was actually discovered by Sarah.

90's Flashback: The Full House House!
(This site is being really fussy,
to see full size you'll have to follow the link.)

Anyway, the song is about a guy flashing back to the 90s and says how he "lived life through his TV" - and it totally reminds me of me. "But now I'm old enough to drive" and obviously life's no TV show. I definitely analyze the world from the perspective of having been raised on television. "I just wanna life my life like it's the 90's. Like it's a TV show. Life gives you problems, but we would solve them, on next weeks episode..."

"Step By Step, these are Family Matters
and why Boy Meets World, I'll never ever know
Who's the Boss here? Its a Fresh Prince.
We got a Full House, let's get the show on the road... "

Hm, maybe I'll try to see this guy at the House of Blues in Cleveland November 16th (link). I wanna see more concerts, oh Black Eyed Peas and Katy Perry where art you'z?

Anyway, good day observing high school history students at Wadsworth High School. Way too simple - the kids were all abnormally perfect, no disruptions, and they watched a video - they didn't want to watch (An Inconvenient Truth) and did not talk once! I could only find one person not watching the video, that was falling asleep. This is madness.

So as for some 90's flashback, I found a video of "Teen Angel" - a TGIF show that only lasted 8 episodes before being canceled. I remember watching it, and it was okay. (Watching it again now, its clearly awful.)

Anyway, halfway through work, still wanna send in a Circle K thing and look at another Circle K thing before I go to bed. (after work...) and maybe look into a secret project thing. Maybe not, I'm suddenly hit with tiredom. One step at a time.

More 90's Flashback: Went to look for a pic of the Winslow house from Family Matters, instead found a little clip of fans going on a pilgrimage to it! It's actually an interesting little 5 minute thing (Seen through this awesome link!) You should go watch it. Also, I think the Nostalgia Critic makes a cameo!?!?! wtf?

Remarkable Facts: Up until like, High School I never realized the show "Family Matters" was actually name "Family Matters." We *ALWAYS* called it "Urkel" in my house. Strange that as a kid I never put two and two together that the opening credits definitely say Family Matters.

The two things I remember most about "Full House"? An episode where the girls put a hole in Danny's bedroom wall and Michelle has to distract him from going upstairs by "saying her phone number with her eyes closed." Which for some reason, yeeeears later, I remember as being 555-2424. Me and Kim inside joke about it occasionally. Also, Stephanie's line "How rude" has long been a part of my personal phrase vocabulary.

Quote of the Day:
"Do you guys like, plan how to make fun of every little thing I say?" - Laura
"Yup, we get together after Exceptionalities and brainstorm as a group." - Mike
"Aww, come on now, it's really not so hard that we have to plan ahead..." - Me
"[Lol] oh man, being around you guys I get such a great ab work out...
... ...from laughing so hard, if that wasn't clear." - Laura
"Yeah, we got that." - Me.

Oh man my Education car-pool is entertaining! lol

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Jennifer said...

Good choice of song. I stumbled across it a few weeks ago and it makes me happy.