Monday, October 26, 2009

It's in the Water

"Wit beyond measure..." did not get me out of my ticket :( Blah, $191!!! That's ridiculous for 79 in a 60 (which I thought was 65 to be fair), and I don't care if it's justice working, Newburgh Heights is now on my vendetta list! Seriously, next free chance I get to make money off of the city of NBH, its on like Donkey Kong bitch!

The question I must ask myself, how would Veronica Mars seek vengeance? Well, like I said - I'll get back to that after the other craziness in my life finally settles. Still got disbursement checks to worry about, not to mention the day to day operations like Circle K, other student orgs, and living in a house. But maybe it's just me - but it seems like everyone in my life has just been crabby lately! Like, life's been a bitch to everyone it seems - bad days all around. This is a bad Fall methinks. And I can see it in the eyes of pretty much everyone around me, my presence in particular is starting to get on people's nerves. Now I'm sure your going to say "well stop being annoying" -- well I say Shut up. This is my blog, so I'll complain how I want to -- but I will try to stop annoying everyone, but its not just me. But to be safe, I'm going to try to hermit it a bit for a few weeks I'm thinking.

Ugh, so I stopped at home and had an annoying visit with mom. David quit his job, and the house is more messy than usual. Came back, cleaned my room and did some dishes, went through the mail I picked up at home after a fail day in NBH court. (Remarkable fact: The Village of NBH's Mayor serves as their sole Judge. A Village, by definition, is much small than a city, so even though Garfield Heights used to be a part of NBH until we seceded in 1918 - we have since grown far larger than them.)

Among my mail was boring bills, reminder that I'm waiting on my loan check, and my 5/3rd card had been accidentally leaked by a third party - so they had to send me a new one. Luckily, since I only get my mail every couple weeks the card was also in the same pile of mail. But still had to call 5/3rd and confirm my identity, which is never fun.

Upcoming Movie of the Day: The Fourth Kind. Ever since the 5th grade question of "Was The Blaire Witch Real?" I have almost always guarenteed movies are never based on real life events, unless VERY barely. This movie claims to use archival footage, of a Psychologist in Alaska... turns out that's just a marketing ploy. It is VERY Loosly based off a series of disappearances in Nome, Alaska - and the people of Alaska are outraged (particularly the families of missing) that they would fictionalize it in this way. Oh well, I still may see the movie - looks pretty interesting. It seems to be about Alien abductions of the "fourth kind" -- titled similarly as "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" - a famous movie from the 1980s.

Song of the Day: Which to Bury, Us or the Hatchet by Reliant K. This came up on my "3Oh!3" Pandora Channel. Reliant K songs come up alot on my Pandora. This one is interesting, it doesn't relate to anything in real life - just liked it. (Lyrics)

Quote of the Day: In Japanese class earlier, people were having trouble writing the Hiragana for "Ta." (pictured)
Senseii (Teacher): "Some of you... still having trouble writing "Ta" Hiragana." *writes wrong version* "Many of you are doing this, this is no." *crosses it out, writes a different wrong-er version* "Some of you are writing this, This, is Hell No." (class laughs) "I... amnot Christian, so I can say that because I cannot go to hell..."

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