Monday, October 26, 2009

'tis The Season

Alright, it's not Halloween yet - nor is it Thanksgiving yet. But it's time to start my Christmas shopping list! I suck at figuring out what to buy people :( and people back-and-forth argue I'm easy to shop for or impossible to shop for. But for my own reference, here is first thing that has made it's way onto my Christmas list...

10. "The Battle for America 2008" - a Book about the 2008 election. I saw this in the store and thought, Darn! I wanted to write a book like that! Oh well. My new favorite part about this is the cover has all the important figures in this elections: Hillary, McCain, Obama, Biden, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Sarah Palin, Tina Fey, Jon Stewart... 29.99 at Barnes and Noble, 19.77 on Amazon. Still looking for my Borders coupons though, may buy it for myself.

Quote of the Weekend: (At Make a Difference Day) Guy in Charge: "[radio static] Bus 11, don't forget the gascan, rake and lawnmower before you leave your site."
(long pause) Divya: "Ohhh crap."

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