Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pre-Finals Week Twitters

Cause I don't have the jitters at all, so I thought I'd just post some general things online -- aka, Twitter, but without using twitter. :P sorry for trying to come up with some not-boring blog title!

So this week has gone pretty greatly, I love how I've had little to complain about lately :D yay for all those hard papers being past me. In fact, this morning I turned in the Final Final draft of my Historical Methods paper on Andrew Johnson -- yay for that being done and gone! And then my U.S. History class got out 45 minutes early after she handed us a practice final that will be the same as the final, sans ten questions so woop woop! Good day :D

Bizarre News Story of the Day: Beyonce, scheduled to make appearance at museum in Austria, decides to go shopping instead. But sends a look-a-like to Museum.

Quote of the Day:
More excellent English from my senile U.S. History teacher:
Heading for Notes:

"How is Reconstruction work?"

(um, how about "How DID reconstruction work!?" ugggh.) Reminds me of the Bushism: "Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?" Later she wrote on the board how the North ungunned the South. She meant "out gunned".

Videos of the Day: So instead of downloading music, with high speed I tend to just go to youtube if I have the urge to listen to something. Last night I felt like listening to something, and went trough my favorites and found a parody of Womanizer I don't remember where I got from, but sent that to Patsy and Sarah and got a laugh out of it. So Video of the Day #1: Parody of Womanizer! Haha, my favorite part is that they recreate all the backgrounds and costumes pretty dedicated-ly.
"I dream of him, hooking up my ethernet cable...
I picture him, whispering in my ear about the periodic table..."
That led me to a parody of I Kissed a Girl by the same artist (Venetian Princess, total kudoses!), and I LOL'd hard! Video of the Day #2: Parody of I Kissed a Girl!

And just now I randomly went to this cause it was on Youtube's front page. Ellen DeGeneris and Katy Perry sing I Kissed a Girl together in the bathroom! LOL, it was kinda weird but I dunno, worth watching if your up to hearing the song. It's especially funny cause back when the song first came out SNL (or MADTV, don't remember which) parodied it by having Ellen sing it too!

Woah! I see today's blog is very Video centric. So while going to get a screencap from Womanizer to make the side by side above, I found they released a music video for If U Seek Amy! It'd kind of interesting, so here's that: If U Seek Amy, music video! After ALL that, my song of the day is still going to be something different, lol.

Song of the Day: "Don't Trust Me" by 3Oh!3 -- (hm, youtube isn't loading right now or I'd link to the song. So you'll have to find it on your own.) -- appears to be one of Sarah's new favorite songs, and I'm a moderate fan of it as well. Key Lyrics: "Don't trust a hoe, never trust a hoe, can't trust a hoe, that don't trust me..." They're name comes from their area code (303) in the Boulder suburb of Denver, Colorado.

I just did a tally of all my "Songs of the Day" btw - and they're pretty interesting. I'll see if I can post'm tomorrow.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Key Club DCON

Now for some 'bonus features'esque pictures you won't see on Facebook! So Sunday morning for Breakfast, the Key Club Governor Zach was handing out bunches of awards. Me and Jen quickly caught on that in every single picture he had this funny look with his teeth showing and eyes closed - lol, no offense Zach, but we found it entertaining. EVERY picture!
So we decided to take some "Zach pix" of our own...

Yeah, I won't tell the story of the whole weekend verbatim... but those are some interesting tidbits.

Quote of the Day: There were a bunch of good quotes this weekend!

"So I kind of imagine a hamster on a wheel in everyone's head... ...Natalie's hamster is overworked..." - Jason

"Hi I'm Andrew De- *COUGH COUGH COUGH..... COUGH COUGH* ... Sorry, Melissa gave me this cold-thing..." (Audience laughs, at suggestion of 'cold sore' i guess, lol)

"I can see service from my house!" - Me, after it was noted to me that Zach's mom resembled Sarah Palin.

Song of the Day: "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga. Jen was in the mood to hear Poker Face, but I didn't have it on my phone, and then I requested at the dance but it was too far down the playlist we left before it came on. And then during the final breakfast when they played pop songs during peoples awards (including some apparently inappropriate ones, lol??) but still no Lady Gaga. But during the dance, Just Dance did come on, which held her over at least til we headed home and it came on in the car! (I would make it Poker Face, but that's already been my Song of the Day.)

Driving Award: When the next Driving Awards are handed out, Melissa may be in the running for awesomly driving me down to Columbus -- but points will be deducted from her score for giving me Swine Flu! >(

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mainly Mom's Clothes

So it's Friday, and tons have gone on in the past week I should've wrote individual blogs about but urg at my procrastination! I mean, Tuesday you've got the fun of the meeting, Wednesday was just crazy-crazy! I should've wrote a blog that night, I had soooo much homework x_x and then I had to go to the statehouse because I wanted to. But that crazy week is over, and now a new crazy week begins!

School is quickly coming to an end! But this weekend (today actually) I've got Key Club DCON, then next week is the end of the year banquet which my mom is coming to! Okay, so real quick thing about my mom: She Has No Fashion Sense. I'm sorry, but it's really been pretty embarrassing sometimes going out into public with her. It's not even she has her own wacky fashion sense, she just wears really disgusting destroyed clothes all the time, even to fancy things. So a couple years ago, before we'd go somewhere important I just decided I'd help her pick out new clothes for each occasion, and since, she's looked great. So on top of ya know, running the household, I also have to be her personal stylist u.u.

Lol, as I think Sarah or Kayla put it: "Stop trying to turn your mom into Hillary Clinton!" But sometimes moms in need of a good pantsuit. Like in January, when she went to court, she was gonna wear normal clothes until I forced her to buy a simple cheap black pantsuit. Little did she know (BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T READ THE COURT PACKET...) that there was a dress code and she could've been dismissed from the courtroom, but luckily my preparation saved that. So here are some looks from the 2009 Mom Summer Collection!

Haha, don't judge me! She literally walks around all the time in old clothes from before the fire that me and david don't want to wear anymore, or sometimes worse, 80's T-shirts that are covered in holes and paint and food stains. This is NOT something you want to take her to an NHS Banquet wearing. So she's gonna look nice for the Circle K Banquet darnit! Now, I understand she has a dirty job, and to work she has to wear clothes that can get destroyed with chemicals and bleach, but at home or where we go places - she literally cannot find a shirt that doesn't have a stain on it. That's kinda sad. This summer my make-over of her will also include her getting her hair-did, cause she aint got a professional haircut in years! She does it herself. What are we, the Lincolns? I mean really, this is not the 19th century!

Song of the Day: "A Twist in My Story" by Secondhand Serenade. Stuck in my head in the shower, I LOVED the S.S. concert Wednesday night, even though Mike doesn't think they're worthy of the title rock, which they may not be, but I liked them and thats whats important. That and me and brit had a blast seat jumping - lol.

Quote of the Day:
[Regarding a song that reminds me of someone. If you don't get it, I'm sorry, its kinda a long story I don't want to go into, more of a you-had-to-be-there-moment.]
Me: "[I like this song, blah blah blah]"

Erin: "[Is it because it reminds you of blah blah blah]?"

Kayla: "[I think everyone knows it reminds you of blah blah blah]."

Patsy: "Wait, who?"

Kayla: "REALLY? Think about it."

Patsy: "Oh. Yeah. Duh, I'm dumb.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lucky to have been Where I Have been

Hello, My Fellow Americans. Well it seems I've been busy without a moment to rest for the past three weeks, but finally I have a brief couple hours to rest and relax for once, without any particular impending deadlines. This is a good week! Most of my classes have been watching movies, no particular due dates this week, and David's visit went well considering. There were some snag/annoyances, like when he got here, when I lost him, his presense which annoys me, and the stuff with Grandpa's, but overall it was a good trip. I think I even convinced him to come to Akron, after two years of break, and a year at Tri-C. We'll see if he goes to college yet. I dunno, I'm not convinced. But moving on!

Downtown Buffalo (from afar)

Millard Fillmore's home! (Closed for season :/)

Niagara Falls, NY. (And Canada in the background.)

Real quick: So this weekend I went to Niagara Falls and Buffalo which was AWESOME! I love travel n.n and Presidential historical sites! ERG, I came *THIIIS* close to visiting the Historical Site where Vice-Prez Teddy Roosevelt was sworn in as President after President McKinley was assassinated in 1901. But its closed till the end of Spring for renovations :( oh well. I'll go back. Similarly, the Maid of the Mist was off season as well, and didn't get to go behind the falls. Next time I suppose.

So, errr - my family annoys me. First, Mom put my taxes off to the last minute. (Why did I not just do them myself you ask? Because she still lists me as a dependant, and said she would put my taxes in with hers, and she gets a special-magic tax return for having a student in college. I dunno.) But I gave her my papers a month ago, and she just gave me the papers to mail yesterday, at 4:40. Grandpa's post office closes at 5. So that was an adventure, got'm in at 4:59 exactly. Then errr, had to fix David's cell phone bill -- cause it's 90$ a month, and he's got Triple A coverage! (HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE HIS LICENSE!) and I ended up getting it cheaper, and got him a new phone, so he should be thankful. He better be getting a job this summer, cause I'm transfering the phone out of his name this June.

Then the ordeal of pants shopping, ay carumba! He is apparently a size 38x38 pants, so we looked for an hour (and I was getting dangerously close to being late to my class) but finally found two 38x36, which fit him perfectly >>;; crazy david and his genes. He got the moms-side genes for ridiculous tallness, but I got the genes for drive and intellect so Blah!

But yeah. There's that. Also had to re-do a Circle K thing for SpOT which is this weekend. I'm kinda neutral about how excited I am for it, but we'll see how it goes.

Okay, I think that's it for today. In regards to politics, the piracy thing seems to be making headlines alot lately, and I have had an interest in that since 2005, so expect my next post to be politically themed with a full-out explanation of whats going on in the world regarding pirates (since Brit was flabbergasted about the issue altogether!)

Song of the Day: Well, I had alot of good ones all over the past week, but it's called song of the day so I'll have to come back to those another day. The song of today would have to be "Lucky" by Jason Mraz, who sang "I'm Yours." I initially did not like this song, after first hearing it on VH1 I think. But this version I found at random, and I gotta say, I like it. Sure, Jason is singing the part of Colbie Calliet (sp?) but I dunno, sounds good.
"...Lucky to have been where I have been, Lucky to be comin home again..."
House Perk of the Day: I will apparently be introduced to new forms of music that will earn me shots and the Ohio Brewing Company in downtown Akron once I turn 21 :D yay expanding my musical interests!

Politician of the Day: Governor Patterson of New York. The current Governor (Democrat), he is the first blind Gov in the nation, and first Black gov of NY. He will be introducing a bill to legalize gay marriage in NY shortly. WOOHOO! I am a strong advocate for gay marriage, and am quite happy to hear about all the advancements that have been happening lately in support of that cause! Such as Iowa, and Vermont I think.

Quotes of the Day: "Let me get this straight... to protest wasteful spending, you bought a million tea bags? Are you protesting taxes or irony?" - Jon Stewart, The Daily Show

"Discontent: The emotion you feel, when you don't get what you want...
The drink you order, when they don't have what you want...
Fox News
: the news you watch, when news, isn't what you want..." - Jon Stewart, LOL!!! Oh man, does Fox News' lack of neutrality crack me up.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Of Pantsuits and Paperwork

Oh Hillary. Oh Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. :-( I hereby nominate this for UGLIEST pantsuit of the year (to date.) This... this is just bad. n.n but on the bright side -- I found a bunch of Hillary Clinton-focused blogs I've been following that are pretty entertaining and informative about both what she's up to and foreign policy! "All Things Hillary" for example examines the policies, politics and pantsuits of my favorite Secretary of State.

Speaking of foreign policy, I frettingly turned in another portion of my study abroad application this week (I've been pseudo-accepted, twice now, I guess it's not official til I land in Seoul?) But that's just one of the things I've had to do - and included an essay about myself for the Korean univeristy to learn about me. Also, I'm strongly considering taking Japanese I next semester - it's already on my schedule now, unless I decide to drop it. Why Learn Japanese, you ask? Well, for a number of reasons listed on that site, but I really want to learn a foreign language already! And Japanese seems interesting!

I've had a bunch of papers due this week that are in and yay. And This upcoming week -- thank GOD I don't actually have papers due, just some reading, so I'm hoping for a light week! David's coming by on Tuesday, spending the night, and Wednesday I'll be going with him to Grandpa's to fix his cell phone plan.

Quote of the Day:
"Circle the answer that is not not-untrue..."

Haha, anyone who remembers the ridiculous test my US History teacher made weirdly, this kid was referencing that whole incident. The other day we were staying after class, and another kid who comments during the whole lecture like I do saw how I quote the teacher on the side of my notes and we had a laugh. Here are a few of her interesting quotes just from that lecture!

"Smoking Geraniums!"

"Exactly, cause ya know, slavery is slavery..." (ooooh, that's deep...)

"[Stephen] Douglas was back like a bad rash!"

"Stephen Douglas was just shocked out of his socks..."

Song of the Day: "Like a Knife" by Secondhand Serenade. After buying their CD, there are actually a good number of their songs I'm learning to like! I say "they" but Secondhand Serenade is apparently one person o.o; how strange.

Really Late Birthday Present Idea: OMG! So I vaguely heard about the Obama chia's on the news recently, being taken off shelves because it's considered racist u.u; I dunno how I feel about the issue, because it's not really an issue, I have more important things to do with my time. But OMG -- those who are still interested in finding me a birthday present:
Chia Hillary! I kid you not. This is the "Happy" version...
And here we have the "Determined Chia Hillary."
Coming to a Walgreen's near you I hope! :D

Monday, April 6, 2009

Busy Weekend!

No major papers that I *have* to write! Woop! Some I may to get ahead a tiny bit, but other than that a slow night thankfully.

This past weekend has been pretty exciting! Friday night went to the Wooster Relay for Life (last minute plans, just got the email and said "Hey why not.") with the G-Gang. It's nice to go on a road trip with Brit, Sarah and Kayla -- especially since our spring break New York plans were canceled much to my chagrin :(. Had a rave/dance party in the backseat to the music on my phone, lol. Then had the panty party on Saturday, which was a major success! Thanks to everyone who came! I'm glad we got a great number of Circle K'rs, and a pretty good number of new people.

Afterwards, got to see the "Dog Sees God" play Mike has been talking about for quite a while. It was actually really good, clearly a "moral of the story" play while definitly not being sappy. Haha, there was at least one character in particularl that I found come to life all to realistically... Then got to party at Kayla's house! Woo, that was fun, mainly alot of me and brit singing Pussycat Dolls songs. Also a good amount of cat-searching, ohmuhjesus... Haha, and I ate alot of really old mints.

Then today went uneventfully, thankfully, worked 12-4 blegh. Then hung out with Kayla and Brit for make-shift gang dinner at Outback. Speaking of outback -- Ohio CKI's new mascot is the Kangaroo! A nod to our beloved Zippy, no doubt (well we're taking it as so anyway, lol.)

Song of the Day: Without a doubt would be "I Love College" by Asher Roth. Haha, what a great song. "That party last night was awfully crazy, I wish we taped it.... Drink my drink and smoke my weed, but my good friends is all I need. Pass out at 3, wake up at 10, go out to eat, then do it again..."

New Interesting Game of the Day: Imaginiff. Interesting board game, worth playing again - primarily in large groups of people. Do you know what game did not win this award? The cardgame Mao - also called "Mü, Maw, Mau, Mile, 5-Card Mao, Chairman, Dictator, Bjorn, Maul, Maui or King Mao." Not actually named for the dictator, it was likely named for the German card game "Mau Mau" - and was first implied in 1899, and the first recorded mention of the rules are from 1959.

Quote of the Day:
"Only you can prevent Forest Fires..." - Smokey the Bear.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Change Has Come to Akron!

Haha, not that change was needed, Patsy was an excellent President. But at the same time, I look forward to my administration and hope not to let Akron or Ohio CKI down! So I'm kinda feeling very Circle K-popular right now, and I'll try not to let it go to my head and just have this one brag-atory blog and then get to homework and you won't have to worry about me thinking I'm more important than I am. Cause at the end of the day, the post-it I put on my wall is true: "Circle K is just a college club." Something I hope I remember over the next year.

Bragging: If you think I'm too arrogant already, skip this paragraph. 09-10 Akron Club President, woop woop! Looking forward to running those meetings and excitin the populace! Got alot of recruiting to do to, and suggesting some new ideas to my great board of officers and chairs. Then you've got me appointed District President(s) Council Chair, so glad to be on the District Board! Board trainer was a blast, and I think its going to be an excellent year, and Jen had some really encouraging words for me and she's always been such a great friend :D! Then you've got Key Club DCON, and working with the Circle K Alumni Association, and apparently I'm going to be in a Circle K publication of some kind, as Patsy wrote a heart-warming (and true ;) ) article on me and Melissa took a not-so-good pic off my facebook for it. AAAAnd I won the Kiwanis scholarship, so I get to speak in front of them Thursday and look all fancy which will be fun. Woo! Go Me!

Bragging over. Let me just say this is going to be an interesting year, to say the least. I got a 90% A- on that Andrew Johnson paper, woop woop! That was the first of several final drafts (don't get me started...) so I'll be able to bring that up I expect. And I got two papers due tomorrow I need to do at work tonight (writing this to avoid doing them, lol.) As for my social calendar, David's spending the night at Akron in two weeks, and I'm going to see Secondhand Serenade and Red Jumpsuit Aparatus in concert here at EJ Thomas later this month!

So, for various reasons (I won't name names) in the past 3-4 months my life was pretty bad and depressing and from a line graph perspective, and hit an annoying low - particularly when I think back to a Myspace blog I wrote back in... I don't remember what month, November or December I think where I noted I was on top of the world and at one of the happiest points in life. And despite all this paper work, homework, and responcibility I am proud to declare I have made it out of the happiness recession! Things in life are going for me again, and I have various people and things to thank for it, and if I could in a blog I would. Oh, I can. Thank You all! The friends that read this are included in that, cause this blog is certainly some kind of interesting insight into my own thoughts.

Quote of the Day:
"Who has a button up shirt in every color, loves [a] cup of apple chai tea, solves life’s mysteries with Wikipedia, and can tell you anything you want to know about the 26th president of the United States? Most people would be shocked to hear a person of such varied interests actually exists, but anyone in the University of Akron Circle K club can tell you this is the perfect description of their friend, Andrew..."
- Patsy, describing me in a Newsletter! Patsy's the best.

Song of the Day: NOT Pussycat Dolls. Get out of my head ><;;! Because I'm going to see SHS and RJSA -- I thought I'd find some songs by them I like that I don't already know. How about "Why" by SHS.

House Perk of the Day:
I don't have to wait outside overnight to get a room in the Honors Complex like some of those other poor unfortunate souls.