Monday, April 27, 2009

Key Club DCON

Now for some 'bonus features'esque pictures you won't see on Facebook! So Sunday morning for Breakfast, the Key Club Governor Zach was handing out bunches of awards. Me and Jen quickly caught on that in every single picture he had this funny look with his teeth showing and eyes closed - lol, no offense Zach, but we found it entertaining. EVERY picture!
So we decided to take some "Zach pix" of our own...

Yeah, I won't tell the story of the whole weekend verbatim... but those are some interesting tidbits.

Quote of the Day: There were a bunch of good quotes this weekend!

"So I kind of imagine a hamster on a wheel in everyone's head... ...Natalie's hamster is overworked..." - Jason

"Hi I'm Andrew De- *COUGH COUGH COUGH..... COUGH COUGH* ... Sorry, Melissa gave me this cold-thing..." (Audience laughs, at suggestion of 'cold sore' i guess, lol)

"I can see service from my house!" - Me, after it was noted to me that Zach's mom resembled Sarah Palin.

Song of the Day: "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga. Jen was in the mood to hear Poker Face, but I didn't have it on my phone, and then I requested at the dance but it was too far down the playlist we left before it came on. And then during the final breakfast when they played pop songs during peoples awards (including some apparently inappropriate ones, lol??) but still no Lady Gaga. But during the dance, Just Dance did come on, which held her over at least til we headed home and it came on in the car! (I would make it Poker Face, but that's already been my Song of the Day.)

Driving Award: When the next Driving Awards are handed out, Melissa may be in the running for awesomly driving me down to Columbus -- but points will be deducted from her score for giving me Swine Flu! >(


Anthony Gomez said...

HAHA now I know why Zach always avoids smiling in pictures. I never noticed the Sarah Palin resemblance when I met his mom but that was last June.

Jennifer said...

Aww, I feel so special (or should I say "spatial") to be the cause of a song-of-the-day. Hahaha, oh Key Club DCON...