Thursday, April 9, 2009

Of Pantsuits and Paperwork

Oh Hillary. Oh Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. :-( I hereby nominate this for UGLIEST pantsuit of the year (to date.) This... this is just bad. n.n but on the bright side -- I found a bunch of Hillary Clinton-focused blogs I've been following that are pretty entertaining and informative about both what she's up to and foreign policy! "All Things Hillary" for example examines the policies, politics and pantsuits of my favorite Secretary of State.

Speaking of foreign policy, I frettingly turned in another portion of my study abroad application this week (I've been pseudo-accepted, twice now, I guess it's not official til I land in Seoul?) But that's just one of the things I've had to do - and included an essay about myself for the Korean univeristy to learn about me. Also, I'm strongly considering taking Japanese I next semester - it's already on my schedule now, unless I decide to drop it. Why Learn Japanese, you ask? Well, for a number of reasons listed on that site, but I really want to learn a foreign language already! And Japanese seems interesting!

I've had a bunch of papers due this week that are in and yay. And This upcoming week -- thank GOD I don't actually have papers due, just some reading, so I'm hoping for a light week! David's coming by on Tuesday, spending the night, and Wednesday I'll be going with him to Grandpa's to fix his cell phone plan.

Quote of the Day:
"Circle the answer that is not not-untrue..."

Haha, anyone who remembers the ridiculous test my US History teacher made weirdly, this kid was referencing that whole incident. The other day we were staying after class, and another kid who comments during the whole lecture like I do saw how I quote the teacher on the side of my notes and we had a laugh. Here are a few of her interesting quotes just from that lecture!

"Smoking Geraniums!"

"Exactly, cause ya know, slavery is slavery..." (ooooh, that's deep...)

"[Stephen] Douglas was back like a bad rash!"

"Stephen Douglas was just shocked out of his socks..."

Song of the Day: "Like a Knife" by Secondhand Serenade. After buying their CD, there are actually a good number of their songs I'm learning to like! I say "they" but Secondhand Serenade is apparently one person o.o; how strange.

Really Late Birthday Present Idea: OMG! So I vaguely heard about the Obama chia's on the news recently, being taken off shelves because it's considered racist u.u; I dunno how I feel about the issue, because it's not really an issue, I have more important things to do with my time. But OMG -- those who are still interested in finding me a birthday present:
Chia Hillary! I kid you not. This is the "Happy" version...
And here we have the "Determined Chia Hillary."
Coming to a Walgreen's near you I hope! :D

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Kat Bradley said...

Haha! Chia Hilary? And that pantsuit...

You never fail to amuse me, friend. And neither does Hilary.