Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pre-Finals Week Twitters

Cause I don't have the jitters at all, so I thought I'd just post some general things online -- aka, Twitter, but without using twitter. :P sorry for trying to come up with some not-boring blog title!

So this week has gone pretty greatly, I love how I've had little to complain about lately :D yay for all those hard papers being past me. In fact, this morning I turned in the Final Final draft of my Historical Methods paper on Andrew Johnson -- yay for that being done and gone! And then my U.S. History class got out 45 minutes early after she handed us a practice final that will be the same as the final, sans ten questions so woop woop! Good day :D

Bizarre News Story of the Day: Beyonce, scheduled to make appearance at museum in Austria, decides to go shopping instead. But sends a look-a-like to Museum.

Quote of the Day:
More excellent English from my senile U.S. History teacher:
Heading for Notes:

"How is Reconstruction work?"

(um, how about "How DID reconstruction work!?" ugggh.) Reminds me of the Bushism: "Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?" Later she wrote on the board how the North ungunned the South. She meant "out gunned".

Videos of the Day: So instead of downloading music, with high speed I tend to just go to youtube if I have the urge to listen to something. Last night I felt like listening to something, and went trough my favorites and found a parody of Womanizer I don't remember where I got from, but sent that to Patsy and Sarah and got a laugh out of it. So Video of the Day #1: Parody of Womanizer! Haha, my favorite part is that they recreate all the backgrounds and costumes pretty dedicated-ly.
"I dream of him, hooking up my ethernet cable...
I picture him, whispering in my ear about the periodic table..."
That led me to a parody of I Kissed a Girl by the same artist (Venetian Princess, total kudoses!), and I LOL'd hard! Video of the Day #2: Parody of I Kissed a Girl!

And just now I randomly went to this cause it was on Youtube's front page. Ellen DeGeneris and Katy Perry sing I Kissed a Girl together in the bathroom! LOL, it was kinda weird but I dunno, worth watching if your up to hearing the song. It's especially funny cause back when the song first came out SNL (or MADTV, don't remember which) parodied it by having Ellen sing it too!

Woah! I see today's blog is very Video centric. So while going to get a screencap from Womanizer to make the side by side above, I found they released a music video for If U Seek Amy! It'd kind of interesting, so here's that: If U Seek Amy, music video! After ALL that, my song of the day is still going to be something different, lol.

Song of the Day: "Don't Trust Me" by 3Oh!3 -- (hm, youtube isn't loading right now or I'd link to the song. So you'll have to find it on your own.) -- appears to be one of Sarah's new favorite songs, and I'm a moderate fan of it as well. Key Lyrics: "Don't trust a hoe, never trust a hoe, can't trust a hoe, that don't trust me..." They're name comes from their area code (303) in the Boulder suburb of Denver, Colorado.

I just did a tally of all my "Songs of the Day" btw - and they're pretty interesting. I'll see if I can post'm tomorrow.

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