Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lucky to have been Where I Have been

Hello, My Fellow Americans. Well it seems I've been busy without a moment to rest for the past three weeks, but finally I have a brief couple hours to rest and relax for once, without any particular impending deadlines. This is a good week! Most of my classes have been watching movies, no particular due dates this week, and David's visit went well considering. There were some snag/annoyances, like when he got here, when I lost him, his presense which annoys me, and the stuff with Grandpa's, but overall it was a good trip. I think I even convinced him to come to Akron, after two years of break, and a year at Tri-C. We'll see if he goes to college yet. I dunno, I'm not convinced. But moving on!

Downtown Buffalo (from afar)

Millard Fillmore's home! (Closed for season :/)

Niagara Falls, NY. (And Canada in the background.)

Real quick: So this weekend I went to Niagara Falls and Buffalo which was AWESOME! I love travel n.n and Presidential historical sites! ERG, I came *THIIIS* close to visiting the Historical Site where Vice-Prez Teddy Roosevelt was sworn in as President after President McKinley was assassinated in 1901. But its closed till the end of Spring for renovations :( oh well. I'll go back. Similarly, the Maid of the Mist was off season as well, and didn't get to go behind the falls. Next time I suppose.

So, errr - my family annoys me. First, Mom put my taxes off to the last minute. (Why did I not just do them myself you ask? Because she still lists me as a dependant, and said she would put my taxes in with hers, and she gets a special-magic tax return for having a student in college. I dunno.) But I gave her my papers a month ago, and she just gave me the papers to mail yesterday, at 4:40. Grandpa's post office closes at 5. So that was an adventure, got'm in at 4:59 exactly. Then errr, had to fix David's cell phone bill -- cause it's 90$ a month, and he's got Triple A coverage! (HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE HIS LICENSE!) and I ended up getting it cheaper, and got him a new phone, so he should be thankful. He better be getting a job this summer, cause I'm transfering the phone out of his name this June.

Then the ordeal of pants shopping, ay carumba! He is apparently a size 38x38 pants, so we looked for an hour (and I was getting dangerously close to being late to my class) but finally found two 38x36, which fit him perfectly >>;; crazy david and his genes. He got the moms-side genes for ridiculous tallness, but I got the genes for drive and intellect so Blah!

But yeah. There's that. Also had to re-do a Circle K thing for SpOT which is this weekend. I'm kinda neutral about how excited I am for it, but we'll see how it goes.

Okay, I think that's it for today. In regards to politics, the piracy thing seems to be making headlines alot lately, and I have had an interest in that since 2005, so expect my next post to be politically themed with a full-out explanation of whats going on in the world regarding pirates (since Brit was flabbergasted about the issue altogether!)

Song of the Day: Well, I had alot of good ones all over the past week, but it's called song of the day so I'll have to come back to those another day. The song of today would have to be "Lucky" by Jason Mraz, who sang "I'm Yours." I initially did not like this song, after first hearing it on VH1 I think. But this version I found at random, and I gotta say, I like it. Sure, Jason is singing the part of Colbie Calliet (sp?) but I dunno, sounds good.
"...Lucky to have been where I have been, Lucky to be comin home again..."
House Perk of the Day: I will apparently be introduced to new forms of music that will earn me shots and the Ohio Brewing Company in downtown Akron once I turn 21 :D yay expanding my musical interests!

Politician of the Day: Governor Patterson of New York. The current Governor (Democrat), he is the first blind Gov in the nation, and first Black gov of NY. He will be introducing a bill to legalize gay marriage in NY shortly. WOOHOO! I am a strong advocate for gay marriage, and am quite happy to hear about all the advancements that have been happening lately in support of that cause! Such as Iowa, and Vermont I think.

Quotes of the Day: "Let me get this straight... to protest wasteful spending, you bought a million tea bags? Are you protesting taxes or irony?" - Jon Stewart, The Daily Show

"Discontent: The emotion you feel, when you don't get what you want...
The drink you order, when they don't have what you want...
Fox News
: the news you watch, when news, isn't what you want..." - Jon Stewart, LOL!!! Oh man, does Fox News' lack of neutrality crack me up.


Kat Bradley said...

So when you said piracy, I really thought you meant music piracy until I clicked the link. Haha!

I had just read a thing about Governor Patterson being awesome and promoting a marriage equality bill right before I read this blog. Yay for having similar thoughts!

Also, the Jon Stewart quotes cracked me up.

Mike said...

>[...] Then the ordeal of pants shopping [...]

It's like you're the mother or something ...

>House Perk of the Day

Hahaha. This reminded me to go download some George Thorogood. :)

>Politician of the Day

W00000T!!!!!!! Go Patterson!!!!!

>Quotes of the Day

These tea party people are idiots.