Friday, April 24, 2009

Mainly Mom's Clothes

So it's Friday, and tons have gone on in the past week I should've wrote individual blogs about but urg at my procrastination! I mean, Tuesday you've got the fun of the meeting, Wednesday was just crazy-crazy! I should've wrote a blog that night, I had soooo much homework x_x and then I had to go to the statehouse because I wanted to. But that crazy week is over, and now a new crazy week begins!

School is quickly coming to an end! But this weekend (today actually) I've got Key Club DCON, then next week is the end of the year banquet which my mom is coming to! Okay, so real quick thing about my mom: She Has No Fashion Sense. I'm sorry, but it's really been pretty embarrassing sometimes going out into public with her. It's not even she has her own wacky fashion sense, she just wears really disgusting destroyed clothes all the time, even to fancy things. So a couple years ago, before we'd go somewhere important I just decided I'd help her pick out new clothes for each occasion, and since, she's looked great. So on top of ya know, running the household, I also have to be her personal stylist u.u.

Lol, as I think Sarah or Kayla put it: "Stop trying to turn your mom into Hillary Clinton!" But sometimes moms in need of a good pantsuit. Like in January, when she went to court, she was gonna wear normal clothes until I forced her to buy a simple cheap black pantsuit. Little did she know (BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T READ THE COURT PACKET...) that there was a dress code and she could've been dismissed from the courtroom, but luckily my preparation saved that. So here are some looks from the 2009 Mom Summer Collection!

Haha, don't judge me! She literally walks around all the time in old clothes from before the fire that me and david don't want to wear anymore, or sometimes worse, 80's T-shirts that are covered in holes and paint and food stains. This is NOT something you want to take her to an NHS Banquet wearing. So she's gonna look nice for the Circle K Banquet darnit! Now, I understand she has a dirty job, and to work she has to wear clothes that can get destroyed with chemicals and bleach, but at home or where we go places - she literally cannot find a shirt that doesn't have a stain on it. That's kinda sad. This summer my make-over of her will also include her getting her hair-did, cause she aint got a professional haircut in years! She does it herself. What are we, the Lincolns? I mean really, this is not the 19th century!

Song of the Day: "A Twist in My Story" by Secondhand Serenade. Stuck in my head in the shower, I LOVED the S.S. concert Wednesday night, even though Mike doesn't think they're worthy of the title rock, which they may not be, but I liked them and thats whats important. That and me and brit had a blast seat jumping - lol.

Quote of the Day:
[Regarding a song that reminds me of someone. If you don't get it, I'm sorry, its kinda a long story I don't want to go into, more of a you-had-to-be-there-moment.]
Me: "[I like this song, blah blah blah]"

Erin: "[Is it because it reminds you of blah blah blah]?"

Kayla: "[I think everyone knows it reminds you of blah blah blah]."

Patsy: "Wait, who?"

Kayla: "REALLY? Think about it."

Patsy: "Oh. Yeah. Duh, I'm dumb.

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