Thursday, July 28, 2011

Backpack Across (Insert Country Here) in Style

Checking out Gizmodo as I often do, after my long day of crazy -- had a morning filled with Circle K emails, mom insisting adamantly on getting our tags renewed because the world was ending or something (it ended up taking 15 minutes, she expected a long line. There was no line -.-) and also a bunch of Circle K stuff in the afternoon. Then, in the Cleveland area, hung out with Panda for a while and saw Captain America for 6 bucks a person. That was one bad movie.

But back to the present, I WANT THIS! The green in me combined with the adventurer in me combined with the couch potato that needs his cell phone wherever he may go -- a Solar-powered Cell Phone charging Backpack! Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!

News Article of the Day: White House rickrolls followers after person tweets at them complaining their briefing is boring. As you can imagine, the actual headline is shorter -- but is effectively the same thing. Bahaha, hilarious. I love this White House. Here is the actual tweet.

Song of the Day: Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer. I've heard this, not on 96.5, twice today while flipping through radio stations. And I gotta say, I kinda like it. It's one of those really generic "feel happy" songs -- but eh, one of those are nice every now and again. It definitely shows hints of Mrazian tone and rhythm I think, very similar to "I'm Yours." Andy Grammer made the January 2011 list of "Artists to Watch" -- this is his first single, and he's previously opened for the Plain White Tees. One of his producers are the same as Gym Class Heroes.

He's only 27, but I thought he looked a lot older in the video. Like a 38 year old they're letting have one pop hit because he's just singing about being happy then he can go do real things in peace. But nope, 27. And wtf -- Dwight's in it!?

Upcoming Movie of the Day: "Battleship" (2012) Hahahaha, I think I've mentioned this before sometime, but they are making a movie based on the old board game "Battleship." You know, the one with the little white and red pegs. I heard it was supposed to star Rihanna, but I don't see her in the preview which I've just seen for the first time (Thank You Gizmodo.) (Oh, but here she is in the official site's description - playing Petty Officer Raikes.) Wow. It's a lot different than I expected, I was imagining a lot of Rihanna in pseudo-army wear scantly clad (I'm not a pervert, it's what she wears!) but this looks more like the next Transformers trailer? But as Gizmodo points out, "Liam Neeson is pretty much always bad ass, even in bad movies."

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quotes to Live By

Trying to do artsy things in the time I find by myself. I have so many interesting things at my disposal, I really want to use them all as much as they deserve. My drawing pad, my subscription go the Star Trek: Online game, etc. So I start to write this on Sunday morning (where I have plenty of time to myself at last) and I thought I'd throw in some quotes I found interesting.

Quote of the Day: "To keep your sanity and balance, break your own rule every great, long, once in a while." - Blog featuring the drawing program I like to use.

Another one comes from a Star Trek book I'm reading. (I bought 5 Star Trek books while I still have my Borders Rewards card. $60+ value for 10 bucks, free shipping! I'd say that wasn't too shabby.) Top left and top right have already arrived. I've actually owned two copies of the middle book already, one fell apart in like 2003, the other lost in the fire :( But this copy was a whopping 1.04 so yayz!

"The people most reluctant to use weapons are the ones who can best be trusted with them." - Stijen Yol, Weapons Instructor, Star Trek DTI: Watching the Clock (p. 66)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pink Flamingos in the Pool

As with every summer I don't spend in a foreign country, this year has been a dry one for blog posts. It's not even that I don't have the time, I just feel I don't have that much to blog about. I want to keep as much campaign and Circle K stuff off of here as possible for fear of it getting into the wrong hands. And those have pretty much been all the interesting things that have happened lately.

(This is an image from a Katy Perry music video, and not an actual picture from last night. I know in the past there has been some confusion.)

Last night Sarah had a summer party which was fun with some exceptions. A bunch of random people who don't normally come to their parties ended up coming (and a bunch of regulars were no shows, most of them "Andrew's friends.")

So I am crushed that Borders is closing :( I love book stores, I want them to always be around, and I don't want eBooks to take over! And I have a fierce sense of brand loyalty, I will argue with anyone why I like Borders better than Barnes and Noble even if there isn't a real reason. The same goes for why I don't want Blockbuster to fold and give in to Netflicks! But I have to admit, the blogs of Borders employee's I've stumbled across a time or two in the past week have been pretty entertaining and make me think twice about when the customer is right...

Site of the Day:, apparently a collection of articles on pranks. The one that got my attention was the guy who signed his name something funny for years waiting for the credit card company to decline something (never did, and the only business to finally ask for his ID was... well, I won't spoil it.) Reminds me of the Txt From Last Night about the guy who signed his reciept Lady Gaga.

Upcoming Movie of the Day: Friends with Benefits.... oh wait, this came out Friday! Dang, this is what happens when I put off writing a blog for so long :-/

Sunday, July 24, 2011

30 Truths (part III)

Finally, the conclusion of a series you've all been waiting for! No, not Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows (Part Deux), the third installment of my 30 Truths-blog series! (Part I, Part II)

21. I follow all 4 of the Charmed Ones' actresses on Twitter. (Shannon Doerty as Prue Halliwell; Holly Marie Combs; as Piper Halliwell; Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell; and Rose McGowan as Paige Matthews)

22. My favorite febreeze/air freshener is always Apple Cinnamon!

23. My worst fear is sliding on ice in a car. It used to be driving over bridges, but one day I just decided to get over that and suddenly it became cool. But sliding on ice in a car freaks me out, for some reason I always imagine the car has alot more momentum than it really does and it's just going to crash really hard into something. The very few times this has actually happened and resulted in a collision of some kind - it's almost always been at like 2 miles an hour and no damage. Still, FREAKS ME OUT.

24. My least favorite food is probably spaghetti sauce. I don't know what it is about it, but it's just gross. Most forms of tomatoes are gross, except ketchup but that's not really tomato is it :-/ I suffer through pizza because it's so darn common, and usually they don't actually use all that much.

25. Mom says I was a politician as a baby -- I'd stand behind this box and look like I was giving speeches, and I'd shake everybody's hand when we would go out, lol.

26. My middle name, James, means "Protector of Light" or "He who Supplants" depending on your source. I'm pretty sure mom picked it for the first one, and also because it was a biblical name, and Dad liked it for it's masculinity.

27. When I was a kid, my favorite of the original Power Rangers was Tommy -- and for some reason I wanted to grow my hair like his, and that's how mom finally got me to like taking baths. (Because to have long hair, you need to bathe more often.) Regrettably (or not?), I have never styled my hair in this fashion. BTW: The actor who played him - Jason David Frank (He's got 3 first names!) is apparently now an MMA fighter.

28. My sideburns were inspired by a combination of Star Trek and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. (Sorry, two hair ones in a row.) Unfortunately, I don't know enough about hair styling for that to mean all that much.

29. One day I want an apartment that is a combination of 'futuristic-modern' (stainless steal, clean, and lots of glass surfaces) and Victorian antique (antique furniture looks so cool! I want a house like the Charmed or Sabrina house...) See also Truth #8.

30. Despite my progressive (read: liberal) political beliefs, I am in terms of social manners a conservative. I sometimes imagine if this were the '60s or '70s, I would be the not-hippie person that parents wished their hippie kids would just be. I don't say "screw the system!" because I know that you can get done by going through and working the system. I feel weird calling adults by their first names, say excuse me if I burp alone in a room, and can't wrap my head around the urge to streak. Despite how weird I am (as outlined in these last 29 truths) I often feel more normal (read: boring) than anyone I know.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Prepping for the 4th

Dang, well June was a dry month for blog posts -- but only because I've been so busy with Circle K and campaign stuff! International Convention in Virginia Beach was a blast, with a million stories to tell another day - suffice it to say, our club came out of it with more than it's share of bruises and tickets.

So it's the weekend before the 4th of July, and I'm planning a barbecue for the 4th itself to meet the neighbors, invite some Stow friends over so that we know people, and invite my friends over to ensure we have a good time regardless of whether any Stow people actually show up! It's also given us a reason to speed along the 'making-the-house-presentable' process. For example, we may get a Patio table and Stereo today. It's under consideration.

I'm a bit stressed out: What if no one comes?! I'll be a party planning failure. And we'll have more bags of chips than we know what to do with.

Video of the Day: Haha, in my LSSP group in Virginia Beach, one of my projects was being handed a box of 60,000 Susan G. Komen paper ribbons to count into piles of 100. And someone in my group had this video on their phone, and it made us all laugh hahaa....

Song of the Day: 

"Judas" by Lady Gaga. So this is probably my favorite song off the Born This Way album, there are definitely a few that stand out as awesome, and a few that kinda merge into "I don't really care"-dom... Judas is awesome. Patsy super-loves the levels of symbolism and intelligence Lady Gaga uses by referencing religion in the song, reminding those who actually look at the song that Lady Gaga is not satan - she's just a catholic school girl turned pop-star.

I will say that the movie to this is not the best. But after "Edge of Glory", it's not the worst it could be!