Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quotes to Live By

Trying to do artsy things in the time I find by myself. I have so many interesting things at my disposal, I really want to use them all as much as they deserve. My drawing pad, my subscription go the Star Trek: Online game, etc. So I start to write this on Sunday morning (where I have plenty of time to myself at last) and I thought I'd throw in some quotes I found interesting.

Quote of the Day: "To keep your sanity and balance, break your own rule every great, long, once in a while." - Blog featuring the drawing program I like to use.

Another one comes from a Star Trek book I'm reading. (I bought 5 Star Trek books while I still have my Borders Rewards card. $60+ value for 10 bucks, free shipping! I'd say that wasn't too shabby.) Top left and top right have already arrived. I've actually owned two copies of the middle book already, one fell apart in like 2003, the other lost in the fire :( But this copy was a whopping 1.04 so yayz!

"The people most reluctant to use weapons are the ones who can best be trusted with them." - Stijen Yol, Weapons Instructor, Star Trek DTI: Watching the Clock (p. 66)

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