Thursday, July 28, 2011

Backpack Across (Insert Country Here) in Style

Checking out Gizmodo as I often do, after my long day of crazy -- had a morning filled with Circle K emails, mom insisting adamantly on getting our tags renewed because the world was ending or something (it ended up taking 15 minutes, she expected a long line. There was no line -.-) and also a bunch of Circle K stuff in the afternoon. Then, in the Cleveland area, hung out with Panda for a while and saw Captain America for 6 bucks a person. That was one bad movie.

But back to the present, I WANT THIS! The green in me combined with the adventurer in me combined with the couch potato that needs his cell phone wherever he may go -- a Solar-powered Cell Phone charging Backpack! Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!

News Article of the Day: White House rickrolls followers after person tweets at them complaining their briefing is boring. As you can imagine, the actual headline is shorter -- but is effectively the same thing. Bahaha, hilarious. I love this White House. Here is the actual tweet.

Song of the Day: Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer. I've heard this, not on 96.5, twice today while flipping through radio stations. And I gotta say, I kinda like it. It's one of those really generic "feel happy" songs -- but eh, one of those are nice every now and again. It definitely shows hints of Mrazian tone and rhythm I think, very similar to "I'm Yours." Andy Grammer made the January 2011 list of "Artists to Watch" -- this is his first single, and he's previously opened for the Plain White Tees. One of his producers are the same as Gym Class Heroes.

He's only 27, but I thought he looked a lot older in the video. Like a 38 year old they're letting have one pop hit because he's just singing about being happy then he can go do real things in peace. But nope, 27. And wtf -- Dwight's in it!?

Upcoming Movie of the Day: "Battleship" (2012) Hahahaha, I think I've mentioned this before sometime, but they are making a movie based on the old board game "Battleship." You know, the one with the little white and red pegs. I heard it was supposed to star Rihanna, but I don't see her in the preview which I've just seen for the first time (Thank You Gizmodo.) (Oh, but here she is in the official site's description - playing Petty Officer Raikes.) Wow. It's a lot different than I expected, I was imagining a lot of Rihanna in pseudo-army wear scantly clad (I'm not a pervert, it's what she wears!) but this looks more like the next Transformers trailer? But as Gizmodo points out, "Liam Neeson is pretty much always bad ass, even in bad movies."

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