Friday, January 28, 2011

Fighting Terror, in Color!

As I've said before, it's almost like President Obama is one by one tackling every campaign promise and really every political opinion I've ever had since day one. Admittedly, it took this pretty easy to fix one a while before it was addressed - but late is better than never.

Or even better, here's the CNN blog of "Why the Color System never made any sense in the first place." I have personally on at least one occasion written to Secretary Napolitano asking the Department of Homeland Security remove the system, back in 2009. Lol, I occasionally get the urge to write to people or things like that. A few weeks ago I wrote to PayPal telling them I support their efforts to distance themselves from WikiLeaks, even if it got their website attacked a few times.

Picture of the Day: A news article called this the next product of "the Cult of Sarah Palin." A comic book called "Steampunk Palin" -- wtf? Really people? What is this personality cult around her? Haven't we proven she's not your "average, run of the mill hockey mom" -- have you seen her show?! They vacation every day and have a TV studio in their garage! And I'd like to hear one person comment on this blog that fishes for food they eat more often than once a month!

...did I mention the bad guy was "RObama"... (he's a robot.... I'm not making this up...)

"Comedians everywhere were understandably dismayed at the close of 2008’s presidential election, when it seemed that Sarah Palin and her nonsensical antics might fade from the spotlight. Jon Stewart wasn’t even afraid to admit it. After all, who else could provide such formidable and reliable comedic gems? Thankfully, Palin never strayed too far from the spotlight, and now the former vice presidential candidate, former Alaskan governor, and current reality show star is the subject of her own comic series Steampunk Palin..." - Black Book

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Once, and Future Author

So I'm not sure if I've mentioned this on my blog before or not, but lately when I get REALLY bored (this started at the start of Winter Break) I'm making a Harry Potter textbook. The problem is writing a book takes a really long time, especially when your trying to use a non-fiction style of writing, and SUPER especially if you want a lot of pictures.

As I've mentioned before, I LOVE things that make my favorite fictions seem more realistic (a Lumiere replica candlestick? A wand from Harry Potter? The Charmed Book of Shadows? Star Trek props, you get the idea.) Well, I'd totally want a custom printed book made to look like a textbook from Harry Potter! That'd be so cool! And the easiest way to get one? Write one. PSH, not so much.

The real easiest way would probably be just design a custom dust cover and put if over a textbook. But that would be boring, I want to be able to flip through pages and read magic things from the POV of it being real! These pics, by the way, are of real props from the Harry Potter movies which I found awesome and inspirational in my endeavors.

So yeah, I'll keep you aprised on my efforts to write a magic book. Then, of course, in real life I want to write a few history books over the course of my life. Teddy Roosevelt wrote like 40 books! Several of which while he was Presidenting the United States! (He liked to keep busy.)

Some book titles I hope to author in the next 92 years:
  1. A History of Garfield Heights, Ohio: The Decline of the Modern Subrub (2014)
  2. The History of Theodore Roosevelt in Pictures (2017)
  3. Primary Primary Sources in American History: Treaties and Speeches of Americana (2020)

Website of the Day: OMG! I just found this googling an image of Theodore Roosevelt writing something for above. A THEODORE ROOSEVELT PICTURE GALLERY ARCHIVE! Like, every photograph of Teddy, categorized!!! This is going to entertain me for like, an hour and 6 minutes at least!

Picture of the Day: Haha, found this while exploring the site mentioned above....

(From website below) "At an airshow at Aviation Field in St. Louis, Missouri on October 11, 1910, Theodore Roosevelt was offered a seat as a passenger in a plane for a demonstration flight. The pilot's name was Arch Hoxsey, who had just completed a record flight from Springfield, Illinois. The plane reached an altitude of about 50 feet, circled the field twice and stayed airborne for about four minutes. TR said he wished they could have stayed in the air for an hour. Arch Hoxsey was killed in a plane crash on December 31, 1910. This flight made TR the first President to fly in a plane. There is a picture of him strapping himself in that does look as though he was the pilot, but he was not. "

Theodore Roosevelt was the first President to ride in an Airplane (as you can see, this is one of the earliest airplanes - before "passenger" airplanes of today.) He was also the first President to be seen riding an Automobile, to own a car, to be submerged in a submarine, to travel outside of the US WHILE being President, and several other cool things. This guy's an inspiration!

Song of the Day: "Dance With Me" by 3Oh!3. For no specific reason.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Epic Awesomeness for the WIN

What are, phrases that really annoy me?

So Angela put up a Facebook status about the Xbox going Redring, so I google/Wikipedia-ed it. I've determined Xbox 360s suck. I have never particularly wanted one, but now I for certainly don't want one. The studies Wikipedia cites (key word: CITES) says they screw up up to 60% of the time because of errors in construction. WTF? But I do want a Playstation... but not a PS3. They suck too. So I was wondering what the progress on making a PS4 was, and I found this beauty:

Aaaah, OMG I WANT IT! It is so very beautiful. Regrettably, I don't think Sony themselves actually designed it -- some Australian did. But if Sony knew what was good for them, they would come up with the technology to make this possible and sell it because I WAANT IT SO badly :'(

Song of the Day: "Secrets" by OneRepublic. I do love the strings at the start of this though. Watching the video now, I can't seem to figure out the plot. But I do notice this line I like:  "When the situation rises just write it into an album!" He usually sings so fast I can only pick up some of what he says. Huh, yeah I really don't get this video, is he standing her up? Is she cheating on him? Who's secrets are being given away? Shared? Apparently there are 4 music videos for this song (this being the third, according to Wikipedia.)

Picture of the Day: Haha, while randomly googling I found this at a blog and thought it was funny.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mornings & Blue Raspberries

Good morning followers and random googlers, because I have a quota of about 10 blogs a month I like to hit (and I'm sadly failing) I thought I'd share some interesting tidbits about my mornings, and food.

My morning: shower, go to the normal websites to check for updates (Facebook, my Akron email) usually liking or commenting on one or two things; go to HGTV Dream and register for my Vermont ski lodge which I'm going to win -- because it has a guest "dorm" bedroom for 8 people, and a fireplace next to the hot tub, and "microwave oven drawers" in the Kitchen, and its pretty much all around awesome. Check Wikipedia and CNN news [Politics], gotta be aware of whats going on each morning. Check my blogs I follow - most of which come from "Secretary Clinton" (about the daily appointments of the Secretary) and "The Life Diplomatic" (a blog of a guy's first assignment in the Foreign Service.) Both incredibly interesting, I think. But a new one I found the other day was a local Restaurant reviewer that I'm def going to need to go and read the past posts of: "Exploring Food My Way."

Speaking of food, those who have read Patsy's wall (on Facebook) over the past couple months have likely discovered a shocking truth. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BLUE RASPBERRY! I am shocked, that is like my favorite flavor--- but it turns out "Blue" is a flavor? What a strange world. You don't understand -- for years until I was 21 I was hoping for a non-alcoholic Blue drink at restaurants. Here is a list of similarly mistaken or weird colored foods that I thought was an interesting link, lol

But wouldn't cha know it didn't end there. This week in my "Science and Technology in World History" class we were learning about early agriculture and horticulture. And it turns out, what we think of as Corn, is NOT NATURAL! CORN ON THE COB DOESN'T EXIST!

On the far right, we have what we think of as "corn." But it turns out -- natural corn is on the far left, and is not really edible. It took years of genetic mutations and Frankenstein-ing to make the corn on the far right. In fact it's genetic code is so weak, if you put corn kernels in the ground they probably wouldn't grow. Corn is completely farmed by people and needs a lot of care, in fact I think my "The World after People" book mentioned corn as we know it would go extinct pretty quickly.

News Article of the Day: Apparently the cash-strapped state-Government of New York is selling crap from it's store rooms (what a great way to make money and clear space! A garage sale!) by selling Government stuff on eBay. Didn't Palin put a Governor's helicopter on eBay or something? Haha, I'm searching for it, I wanna see some cool stuff their selling.

Song of the Day: "Yeah x3" by Chris Brown. OH WAIT, I Hate Chris Brown! >( err. Oh well, the story makes it worth it. So this song is average, nothing special at all. Even the title is just very every urban poppy song. But last night we went to Cici's with Kayla and when the lyrics ("Yeah! Yeah, yeah...") came on -- Brittany sang "Yeah, Times, three...." (like how the title is spelled) and I cracked up. Thought it was HILARIOUS. Still think it's hilarious today, lolz @ Brit!

Haha, I think I might have considered using this as a song of the day in the past then didn't cause I remember watching this music video -- Hahaha, I like the way it starts with a bunch of little kids "Hey! It's Chris Brown!" which is ridiculous and not realistic, and that's really the best part of that... (Watching it again) Actually I take that back, the one part of this I do like it the kung fu moves... cause I kinda feel like repeating them when ever I hear the song in the car haha...The last 2/3rds of it are actually kinda on the odd/bad side. And his pink suit with white shorts is just awful...

Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK jr. => Hermes, the Poem

Pffahahahaha, so I discovered this new searchbar tool that raises money every time you search for something for the Martin Luther King jr. memorial in Washington D.C. Downloaded it, and what better way to test it than to search for myself? A search for AJHalliwell obviously brought up this blog, and other websites, (you can't use google btw -- only Yahoo) but I found a poem I apparently wrote in 12th grade! Ahahaha.

We were studying the Odyssey, and poetry (or something) and apparently I'd submitted this to Quizzilla and forgotten about it COMPLETELY. (Hermes, you see, was one of my favorite of the ancient greek gods.)

Created by AJHalliwell Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Before reading the Odyssey in English, we were given a worksheet to learn the important greek gods. To make this easier, we all picked a greek god and added our pictures. While looking for good things about Hermes, I randomly felt like rhyming!

With wing’ed sandals and staff in hand
I fly and deliver across the land
Wit sharp as knives, voice soft as fleece
Messenger, of the gods of Greece.

The patron saint of liars and thieves,
Still an ever constant force of good.
I guide and assist he who believes
As, I would think, any deity should.

Spearheader of invention, athletics, oration,
Brings me to note ‘Boxing’ was first my creation.
As such I watch over all matches and fighters,
While still patron of poetry, poets, and writers.

“Giant-killer Mercury,” they ask, “O who will prevail?”
 I am he who is Hermes, and this is my tale.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Final Countdown (to PRAXIS)

Well Ladies and Gents, it's the first Friday of Spring semester - and do you know what that means? Tomorrow I take one of the final major-est tests of my college career. The Praxis II: PLT, I need to pass this and one other test to become a licensed teacher (not to mention student teach, take more classes, honors project, etc.) And it's this Saturday morning. o.o

I'm a little tense about it, I wouldn't say worried is the word - but as for any test, I could've studied more. This one is basically on the psychology of students, what-to-do in situations kind of things. I've heard its pretty easy but I'm not gonna let that lull me into a false sense of security.

But I'm not gonna let it bring my life to a halt either. The next Praxis (which is in my content area, Social Studies) is about a month from now. (Wish my luck on both!) I need to pass both to student teach, so I've alotted myself some time between now and Spring 2012.

Well, I've slept in a bit to make up for being up 24+ hours the other day to work 12a-6am. x_X (I don't know how I managed to make it through that without blogging?!) But now I'm gonna take care of some things, then class: "Science and Technology in World History." (It's modeled very similarly to how my Ohio History class was, tons of lecture, a few tests, and a GIANT research project.) Hm, I just had an idea to write my giant research project (on some technological development in history) on how Star Trek has inspired the Cell Phone!

Picture of the Day: Haha, Amanda found this one: What a Pokemon map would look like for gameboy -- SET IN AMERICA! Cleveland is on here I think? I joked that despite the fact the map has no direct route between Mexico and America, there's an underground Diglette drug tunnel near the border I'm sure.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome, Twenty-Eleven!

Well today was the first day of the new semester! I had to wake up at 6 AM!!! X_X let me remind the world that I am in no way a morning person, I am completely a night person, or like an afternoon person. But NOT a morning person. So waking up was kind of a pain, but eh.

My first class was "Inst. Tech (Social Studies)" with Larry, who's AWESOME. He is really the coolest guy ever and I absolutely wish I could teach like him, but I feel like part of it is the years of experience and his retiree-esque nature. My favorite part about his class was he mentioned he plans to use the survey I put together with the College of Education's Student Success Task Force with the class as an example of student civic involvement!

Next I had Freshmen-level Intro to Sociology x_x blah. That, was boring. The teacher was pretty entertaining for a professor, but it was all the kind of humor designed to keep a freshman's attention and to be honest I feel like I've advanced beyond the testicle and stripper jokes. Now I prefer clever references and witty retort. (Cue Veronica Mars!) But overall, for the first day of a 2-ish hour class where we actually did work, it wasn't that bad. He claims crack babies are a myth, something I plan to investigate.

(I googled "Crack baby")

Then there was "Science and Technology in World History" which was actually significantly more boring than I was expecting. For some reason I was expecting Ed Tech or a computer class, but in hindsight that was dumb. It's with the really difficult teacher I had for Ohio History freshman year, and the reader/potential adviser to my honors project. Our first day there was learning about how Science doesn't always lead to Technology, the differences between the two and the two's definitions. And how sometimes we do the technology then the science -- apparently we'd been using steam engines for a century before scientists knew how they worked! Then later Sarah showed me this article on Gizmodo: Apparently, we just now (after what, 15 years of use?) figured out how DVDs work! Haha, I'm sure my teacher would get a kick out of it, but I don't want to be a teacher's pet.

Lets see, then it was three hours (of what will usually be two hours) of work in the ASG office. Apparently, the rumor is that people are worried we're going to come to a complete standstill once elections start and get nothing done. To avoid this, I am still trying to push my environmental issues but they're being held up by a 'committee' that may or may not form some day. But despite personal dramas members may have, or ASG elections, I plan to keep submitting ideas and legislation to keep the organization productive! =D

Then it was 2.5 hours of "Smartboard class". It was actually not that boring, I definitely learned about the Smartboard a lot more, and it seems like almost every classroom will have a Smartboard in America soon enough with all the grants out for them. Its definitely something that being certified in will look good on a resume. Plus they're legit fun to play with.

Then it was 8:00pm! X_X My Mondays are ridiculous. Then Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I have one class each. Poorly spread out, I know. But what are ya gonna do? The classes I need to graduate are the classes I need :(

Quote of the Day: Lol, clearly my teachers have a thing for naming cats F-names.

"(Only be absent if you need to, emergencies, like a family death)...but not your cat, Fido" - Teacher 1.
"(Only be absent if you need to, emergencies, like a family death)...but not your cat, Fergie" - Teacher 3.
"(Only be absent if you need to, emergencies, like a family death)...but not your cat, Fluffy" - Teacher 4.

Website (and hence, Pictures) of the Day: Haha, this gallery of decals for your Apple computer are pretty entertaining. I found it through the Snow White Witch one, but Iron man and the Twilight one are my favorites.

Song of the Day: "Crack a Vanilla Coke" by K.Flay. Bahaha! Sarah introduced me to this while we were baking creme brulee and bisquick cookies the other day. Hahaha, it's about a girl... with an addiction... to, well just listen below. But my favorite lyric in the song is def below, because I love when random technical things like that make it into songs. Hilarious!

"Cloudy skies, they all just clear up...
got my High Fructose Corn Syrup..."

"Pour it into my red American Idol cup..."

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday News Flash

Just got back from my ASG Winter retreat, where we went over what we did in Fall, what we hope to do in Spring, elections, and a bunch of other stuff. That was 10am - 3pm, so now I'm trying to figure out what I need to get done before school starts Monday. But first, Newsflash:

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona has been shot in the head in a shooting at a constituent meeting in Tuscon. A Democrat representing Arizona's 8th district (which does not contain any major cities, but does border Mexico) in the U.S. House of Representative, she was narrowly named the winner in the 2010 election ahead of a uber-conservative Tea Partier named one of the Tea Bagger's top 10 people with a future or something (criticized Sarah Palin for not being conservative enough o.O)

One of Rep. Giffords' notable efforts is to increase solar power-usage, here with some University of Arizona students. If it turns out the Tea Baggers did this, that is so inhuman and pathetic I can't even put it into words. Political assassination, what is this Afghanistan!

At present, the news is getting conflicting information on whether she has died. CNN says she's in surgery when I write this. I sincerely hope and pray she survives, and am reminded of the only other time a member of the House has been killed in the line of duty: Congressman Leo Ryan of California (1925 - 1978) was killed while investigating the "People's Temple" cult lead by Jim Jones, where the phrase "drinking the kool aid" comes from.

Well I don't want to be joking when such serious news is headlining the internet. But expect more blogs on the simple, fun and interesting things soon. Especially with school starting Monday.