Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK jr. => Hermes, the Poem

Pffahahahaha, so I discovered this new searchbar tool that raises money every time you search for something for the Martin Luther King jr. memorial in Washington D.C. Downloaded it, and what better way to test it than to search for myself? A search for AJHalliwell obviously brought up this blog, and other websites, (you can't use google btw -- only Yahoo) but I found a poem I apparently wrote in 12th grade! Ahahaha.

We were studying the Odyssey, and poetry (or something) and apparently I'd submitted this to Quizzilla and forgotten about it COMPLETELY. (Hermes, you see, was one of my favorite of the ancient greek gods.)

Created by AJHalliwell Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Before reading the Odyssey in English, we were given a worksheet to learn the important greek gods. To make this easier, we all picked a greek god and added our pictures. While looking for good things about Hermes, I randomly felt like rhyming!

With wing’ed sandals and staff in hand
I fly and deliver across the land
Wit sharp as knives, voice soft as fleece
Messenger, of the gods of Greece.

The patron saint of liars and thieves,
Still an ever constant force of good.
I guide and assist he who believes
As, I would think, any deity should.

Spearheader of invention, athletics, oration,
Brings me to note ‘Boxing’ was first my creation.
As such I watch over all matches and fighters,
While still patron of poetry, poets, and writers.

“Giant-killer Mercury,” they ask, “O who will prevail?”
 I am he who is Hermes, and this is my tale.

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