Friday, January 28, 2011

Fighting Terror, in Color!

As I've said before, it's almost like President Obama is one by one tackling every campaign promise and really every political opinion I've ever had since day one. Admittedly, it took this pretty easy to fix one a while before it was addressed - but late is better than never.

Or even better, here's the CNN blog of "Why the Color System never made any sense in the first place." I have personally on at least one occasion written to Secretary Napolitano asking the Department of Homeland Security remove the system, back in 2009. Lol, I occasionally get the urge to write to people or things like that. A few weeks ago I wrote to PayPal telling them I support their efforts to distance themselves from WikiLeaks, even if it got their website attacked a few times.

Picture of the Day: A news article called this the next product of "the Cult of Sarah Palin." A comic book called "Steampunk Palin" -- wtf? Really people? What is this personality cult around her? Haven't we proven she's not your "average, run of the mill hockey mom" -- have you seen her show?! They vacation every day and have a TV studio in their garage! And I'd like to hear one person comment on this blog that fishes for food they eat more often than once a month!

...did I mention the bad guy was "RObama"... (he's a robot.... I'm not making this up...)

"Comedians everywhere were understandably dismayed at the close of 2008’s presidential election, when it seemed that Sarah Palin and her nonsensical antics might fade from the spotlight. Jon Stewart wasn’t even afraid to admit it. After all, who else could provide such formidable and reliable comedic gems? Thankfully, Palin never strayed too far from the spotlight, and now the former vice presidential candidate, former Alaskan governor, and current reality show star is the subject of her own comic series Steampunk Palin..." - Black Book

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