Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome, Twenty-Eleven!

Well today was the first day of the new semester! I had to wake up at 6 AM!!! X_X let me remind the world that I am in no way a morning person, I am completely a night person, or like an afternoon person. But NOT a morning person. So waking up was kind of a pain, but eh.

My first class was "Inst. Tech (Social Studies)" with Larry, who's AWESOME. He is really the coolest guy ever and I absolutely wish I could teach like him, but I feel like part of it is the years of experience and his retiree-esque nature. My favorite part about his class was he mentioned he plans to use the survey I put together with the College of Education's Student Success Task Force with the class as an example of student civic involvement!

Next I had Freshmen-level Intro to Sociology x_x blah. That, was boring. The teacher was pretty entertaining for a professor, but it was all the kind of humor designed to keep a freshman's attention and to be honest I feel like I've advanced beyond the testicle and stripper jokes. Now I prefer clever references and witty retort. (Cue Veronica Mars!) But overall, for the first day of a 2-ish hour class where we actually did work, it wasn't that bad. He claims crack babies are a myth, something I plan to investigate.

(I googled "Crack baby")

Then there was "Science and Technology in World History" which was actually significantly more boring than I was expecting. For some reason I was expecting Ed Tech or a computer class, but in hindsight that was dumb. It's with the really difficult teacher I had for Ohio History freshman year, and the reader/potential adviser to my honors project. Our first day there was learning about how Science doesn't always lead to Technology, the differences between the two and the two's definitions. And how sometimes we do the technology then the science -- apparently we'd been using steam engines for a century before scientists knew how they worked! Then later Sarah showed me this article on Gizmodo: Apparently, we just now (after what, 15 years of use?) figured out how DVDs work! Haha, I'm sure my teacher would get a kick out of it, but I don't want to be a teacher's pet.

Lets see, then it was three hours (of what will usually be two hours) of work in the ASG office. Apparently, the rumor is that people are worried we're going to come to a complete standstill once elections start and get nothing done. To avoid this, I am still trying to push my environmental issues but they're being held up by a 'committee' that may or may not form some day. But despite personal dramas members may have, or ASG elections, I plan to keep submitting ideas and legislation to keep the organization productive! =D

Then it was 2.5 hours of "Smartboard class". It was actually not that boring, I definitely learned about the Smartboard a lot more, and it seems like almost every classroom will have a Smartboard in America soon enough with all the grants out for them. Its definitely something that being certified in will look good on a resume. Plus they're legit fun to play with.

Then it was 8:00pm! X_X My Mondays are ridiculous. Then Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I have one class each. Poorly spread out, I know. But what are ya gonna do? The classes I need to graduate are the classes I need :(

Quote of the Day: Lol, clearly my teachers have a thing for naming cats F-names.

"(Only be absent if you need to, emergencies, like a family death)...but not your cat, Fido" - Teacher 1.
"(Only be absent if you need to, emergencies, like a family death)...but not your cat, Fergie" - Teacher 3.
"(Only be absent if you need to, emergencies, like a family death)...but not your cat, Fluffy" - Teacher 4.

Website (and hence, Pictures) of the Day: Haha, this gallery of decals for your Apple computer are pretty entertaining. I found it through the Snow White Witch one, but Iron man and the Twilight one are my favorites.

Song of the Day: "Crack a Vanilla Coke" by K.Flay. Bahaha! Sarah introduced me to this while we were baking creme brulee and bisquick cookies the other day. Hahaha, it's about a girl... with an addiction... to, well just listen below. But my favorite lyric in the song is def below, because I love when random technical things like that make it into songs. Hilarious!

"Cloudy skies, they all just clear up...
got my High Fructose Corn Syrup..."

"Pour it into my red American Idol cup..."

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