Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Couple Cool Pictures

First, Panda eventually unknowningly convinced me to get a Tumblr through her reposting things on Facebook and I eventually wanted to know what this thing was. Now I go to it daily - there's always something entertaining on there. (My profile, name is AJHalliwell of course.)

First cool picture I want to share: Sunday night while watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (which, by the way, is the most awkward of the Harry Potter movies. There are so many awkward scenes, between poorly made [IMO] romantic scenes and just odd conversation that I don't think was carried out properly.) The best of which would have to be the Girl drama while Ron is unconcious, while ALL the teachers are there just silently watching it play out. Prof. McGonnagal shooting her head back and forth like a Tennis match and Snape's stone-solid face, to Dumbledore's eventual "Oh, to be young..."

 But I'm getting off topic: What I'm trying to say is back when I read the books, before the movies came out, I always imagined Prof. Snape as "Dr. Otto von Scratchansniff" from Animaniacs -- and I thought I'd make a visual of what that meant, lol.

Second, so one of my random interests are NASA-style mission patches. I even have a frame filled with them on the wall in my room. But way back in the day I drew up a Star Trek-style one, and posted it on DeviantArt, but never really went any further with it. Well, some other person found it, and was compelled to render it in vector art -- and it looks Fantastic! I am honored that someone else took one of my designs and flushed it out.

My initial sketch, c. 2008 (?)
Their final product. (2012)
I love that they kept little stuff like the 3 stars (that I don't think had any significance, I dunno, I made this like 4 years go) and the shape of the land on the planet.

Song of the Day: "Somebody that I used to Know" by Gotye, because it's on pretty often, it's like #2 on the charts right now, and my mom really liked the beat to it when I was driving her to buy new clothes on Sunday x_x. I don't actually like it all THAT much, I mean it's okay, I'm not blown away by it though.

Watching the music video now, Spoiler Alert: It opens on an unattractive naked man. ...aaaand, stares at him the whole video, as he gets taken over by something that would have won 3rd place at the Homedays Art Contest back in the day. Simba, the featured artist that I always thinks sounds like Katy Perry, wouldn'tchaknow, even looks a bit like Katy Perry.

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