Friday, July 17, 2009

"Harry Potter VI: This Time, It's Personal..."

rofl. That is my quote of the day. I'll explain later. (Wow, Ron looks pi$$ed.)

UGH, Harry Potter 6 sucked dragonballz. (haha, note the pun...) It was like 3 hours long and NOTHING HAPPENED. I almost fell asleep, most of the people I went with did. I am a fan of the HP series and I thought it was horrible. There was almost action at like 2 points, but then there wasn't. The climax was dull and predictable. Very disapointing. On the brightside, the lead up was more interesting.

Me, Danielle, Sarah, (no, not the ones your thinking of) 'Puma', James and Jin-sik took the bus down town to the Lotte-mart Cinema. (Puma being his western name, haha, when Koreans pick western names it cracks me up. See Also: Van De Kamp.) We first got food at a *gulp* dog restaurant :( yes, its true, dog meat is a Korean delicacy. But modern people almost never eat it, its more of an older people thing. Danielle, Sarah, Puma and James agreed to try some, me and Jin-sik chickened out (haha, another pun!) and got Chicken Soup (which consisted of an ENTIRE chicken in a bowl of still-bubbling boiling soup!)

All was good til the food came out. They didn't think the dog meat was that bad (and for the record, its not like they're eating golden retrievers or chihuahua's. There is a special breed of dog they eat that is not pet-becomable. Like the first wild dogs or wolves.) Regardless, this didn't stop me and James from calling the dog-soups every dog in the book.

James: *staring at spoonful of soup* "what the story, Wishbooooone..."

Lol. Anyway, after calling their soup Lassie, and even Happy from '7th Heaven', the four of them quickly became full when Sarah of the pieces still had fur. Similarly, I could no longer stomach my food (which tasted awesome, yay white meat chicken) after I found......a foot. And it was off to Harry Potter we went! But I couldn't leave without taking a picture of Puma's AWESOME surfing shorts.

...because, they reminded me of a shirt I once wanted! AND SO THE SEARCH BEGINS! If I can find both of these, I will buy both, just because they radiate with such awesomeness!

On the way to Harry Potter we stopped and played at some Batting Cages, which I haven't played at since I was quite young. I wasn't that great, but it was cool. After Harry Potter, we stopped at a Dunkin Donuts (or was it a Baskin Robins? Not important.) anyway -- I guess they had a promotion if you bring in ten reciepts, you get a free donut. But there was some confusion over this, because Danielle thought she could use it right away and the guy only said they were out of the kind she wanted. So we decide we won't go there the full 10 times before the programs over, so we give the reciepts to Jin-sik to have. (He is the one telling us the "10" thing.) He then goes up, and uses them to get free donuts right away like Danielle said they were for. (lol, wtf Jin-sik!) But he shared the donuts with us all, so all was cool.

Quotes of the Day:
(talking about having seen HP movies)
"Yeah, this one is Harry Potter 6..." - me
(in his dramatic korean-accented voice) "This Time, It's Personal..." - Jin-sik (xD I lawl'ed hard.)

"If you close your eyes, you won't be tempted..." - Ginny to Harry Potter before she lowers down his front off screen. WOOOOOAH now! There was ALOT of implied innuendos in this movie I think. Ron and whats'r face? What kind of 17 year olds running around a castle like that aren't doin it.

"Yeah, Okay." - Jin-sik's reponse to Everything! lol, when we're asking him questions is best. (Ie: "Do you know where the class is eating today?" "Yeah, okay.") I may have already noted this. If so, I appologize. But he's awesome, I don't mean this as making fun of him.

Song of the Day: "I Don't Care" by 2NE1. A Korean band, lol, the lyrics are basically "I don't ca-a-a-a-a-a-are" over and over. It, like many Korean songs with some English in them, are quite catchy. Erg, I didn't remember the bands name so I passed on buying their CD at the store. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, THANK YOU!! Finally, someone agrees that HP sucked! I lost all hope when whats-his-name started seductively licking his fingers at Slughorn's party. UGH.

Anonymous said...

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