Monday, April 16, 2012

When Pop Music gets Stuck in your Head

It's been some time since we were bombarded by a perfect pop song, and even longer since we've been bombarded by a perfect pop song from a young Canadian pop idol, but 26-year-old Carly Rae Jepsen has fulfilled both world shortages with a single, maddeningly addicting song:
"Call Me Maybe."
Hahaha, okay, so I've been a fan of more than my fair share of REALLY BAD pop music, the kind of thing that's just so delightful and sugary with no real "nutritional value" I like to say -- (see: "Tonight Tonight") - but this past week, the song "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen is all over life! It's taken over twitter, the youtube, and all the internetz.

Even Justin, Selena and Ashley Tisdale can't stop dancing to it in sunglasses with fake mustaches. Not to mention the fact that I heard it IRL all to often over the course of like 1 day (I think it was Friday.) As the story often goes, the next day Patsy and I had become enamored with it. Haha, plus there is definitely a real life reason that I have particularly come to like this song.

Remember my "I'm 24" video from last-blog? Even Patty Stans got in on the Call Me Maybe hype! Alright, if you haven't heard the song in it's original format or the original video -- here's that:

I've seen a few reviews of the video/song itself, and they generally agree the video is boring and the other videos people have posted dancing around to it are better - with the slight exception perhaps of the twist ending. Interesting article about that: "Why Call Me Maybe is all about the Hot... Guy"

Hahaha, trying to see how many Call Me Maybe videos I can fit into one blog! I happened upon this next one, that I think accurately describes my initial hated for the song, as it quickly devolved into morbid pleasure-- that resulted in Patsy and I agreeing to listen to it over and over on the day I "taught" her to drive on the "expressway."

Eh, was going to do a Nicki Minaj thing, but nahhh -- we'll let Call Me Maybe be the Song of the Day as well.

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