Monday, July 26, 2010

Graphic Design

So still on the Star Trek kick. Now, since the first time I saw Star Trek - the Voyager episode "Night" c. June of 1999 by the way -- I have loved the graphics on that show. Star Trek has been at the forefront of computer graphics since the original series. Things that look silly now, were the most groundbreaking (on a TV budget) effects television has seen. But now, living in the age when anyone with a laptop can pretty much do anything with graphic design, I wanna see what I can do! Express my own artistic talent so to speak. I am not interested in art enough to want it to be my career, or even a hobby I take too seriously -- there are plenty of people that pour their heart and soul into this trade and I wouldn't want to take an ounce of praise away from them, cause they deserve it. With me its more of a passing hobby, one of the millions of aspects of the world I would like to know enough to get by in should I need to/for the heck of it.

"Termites of Loracus Prime" (ENT: "Strange New World")
My creation, to imitate the book from the show. Risan moth.

This recent CGI interest stems from a Star Trek message board I occasionally follow. Usually, I like the artists there's recreations of the computer screens from Star Trek (which I use as wallpapers, etc.) but both an artist there and myself were interested in imitating a book that was in an episode, an "Eyewitness! Guide to Alien Lifeforms" particularly animals. Above is my attempt using google, Paint and Word below the book screenshot from the episode.

Awesomness, from This Website. (I did not create this, nor claim credit for it in any way.)

I already mentioned the cool-awesome picture I liked in my blog "Stuff that's been entertaining me", but here is another pic from that forum that is beautiful and I want to be able to do!

Song of the Day: "Break Your Heart" by Taio Cruz ft. Ludacris. Ha, this song was the first time I'd ever heard of Taio Cruz. It's actually not an awful song, pretty average though. My favorite part of Ludacris' part actually, lol, the Taio Cruz lines are all very average but the Ludacris lyrics are catchy. When this song is stuck in my head, I only find the Ludacris parts actually on repeat. Woah! The original version doesn't even have Ludacris in it, only the remixes (which is the single popular in the US right now.) Just realized my verison on iTunes doesn't have Ludacris' part. Sad. Haha, Taio Cruz (who I used to mistake for "Tiger Cruise", and figured it was somehow a reference to the Tiger Woods affair...) is British, but says "Eh?" at the end of all his lines in this remix.

Picture of the Day: Haha, I don't even remember how I accidentally came across this but it looks cool. This is a real, actual working bike! I feel personally like it would collapse under me, or I would break it - but if the designers think it would work. I would totally buy my kid this (after I had more confirmation it was safe, I feel like I'd fall forward and my face would get caught in the front wheel...) For further details on the designer.

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