Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stuff That's Been Entertaining Me

As you may know, I go through my periods of obsessions on occasion. Pokemon, Lady Gaga, etc. Well it is safe to say I am in the middle of a Star Trek-obsession phase, that's really all I've spent my free time doing lately - reading, writing, watching playing, and listening to Star Trek! With the magic of uTorrent, I'm able to watch all my favorite episodes I can't afford to buy! (Since a typical season of Star Trek costs about/more than a hundred dollars. Unless I buy it used.) Add to that there are 28 seasons of Star Trek, across 5 series'.

While contributing to the various Star Trek wikis, and fan-fiction sites -- I found the above picture. It looks so cool! I found it on this message board, and mean no infraction on the authors rights except to exemplify and promote how good this picture looks. I want graphic design technology just to do this for fun, not like as a job or anything. Sigh.

Haha, oh the magic of uTorrent. I also downloaded the first couple episodes of the "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!" from my childhood. And this is so god-awfully made, the acting, the effects, the lip-syncing... just everything about it is bad. I have to appologize to my mom later for putting her through me and Dave watching this for so long. But while googling, I did find this picture which I think is hilarious and totally makes the list of top-10 ideas for this Halloween!!!

 GO GO POWER RANGERS! Haha, seriously though this show sucks. Alpha 5's voice is on the two historically most annoying voices in my moms opinion. She would just get instantly angry whenever we talked in Alpha 5's voice. And god forbit Woody Woodpecker was ever on in our house. She would get instantly pi$$ed if we imitated his voice even. Strange but true facts!

Haha, another thing: Fall clothes shopping! So I'm probably not going to get my application in in time to get a job at American Eagle again this year, which is fine between CAing and getting paid for ASG time. But here's one shirt I want from the Asian clothes store. And there's another I want from American Eagle but their website is down, which is blank with Abe Lincoln -- and it says "Party in the USA" but I don't wanna pay 20 bucks for it, I'll wait til it goes down to like 9. I don't think it'll be too popular.

Alas there are few good Television shows on anymore -- but me and Sarah have been watching the Real World New Orleans. And it is pretty darn funny. The characters are annoying and hypocritical, bitchy to each other etc. but this one scene from the last episode had me hurting myself laughing. Drunk roommate girl is searching the house for roommate guy to sleep with, and he is hiding in the shower. She goes crying to roommate guy 2 who is on the phone and hates roommate guy 1, "*cry* Find Knight For me! *cry*!" and his reaction is priceless.

Finally before I go, Sarah, Panda and Brit are planning a trip to Myrtle Beach in the weeks ahead! Woop woop finally some traveling after a boring-@$$ summer because of Sarah's co-op and my Censusing. Add to that Sarah and I may be going on a trip for our *one year anniversary* at the end of the month, woop woop! So hopefully I'll be going somewhere exciting and image-producing within a few weeks to make this blog interesting again.

Song of the Day: "Ribbons" by Lady Gaga. Haha, so I got ahold of a bunch of rare and unreleased Lady Gaga songs. This one's pretty entertaining. I was looking up the lyrics, or whatever info on it when I found out that apparently this song is about condom usage hahaha. I mentioned a line of lyrics to Sarah and she immediately figured out it was about condoms, dunno how I'm so naive. Okay, checking the lyrics again now I just feel dumb. And I think she mentions Richard Simmons...

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