Sunday, July 19, 2009


During the previews for Harry Potter, me and James saw one (among many) that actually looked Good. Called "Haeundae" (named after their most popular beach, in Busan.) It's a disaster flick with a huge tidal wave, and it comes out this week (7/23/09) but no where in Korea will have subtitles for it :( I may just see it anyway. Coincidentally, the next day I went with some others to Busan and Haeundae beach.

Katy Kameo (time index 4:27)
So, before I left for Korea, my favorite song was "I Gotta Feeling." (At present, it still is.) But I only ever heard the song on the radio twice, because I found it elsewhere on the "Boom Boom Pow" CD. Low and behold, I'm finding it's risin to #1 on the World Charts! (WOOHOO!) I found a song before it was popular, GO ME! This is like the first time this ever happened to me :D and unlike the whole indy-rock band thing with 3Oh!3, my hope was my song would become popular. And to make this song all the more awesome, Wikipedia (and other sources) say Katy Perry (second favorite artist at the moment) makes a cameo appearance in the music video for I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas. When I get back, I'm so listening to this song twice as much.

Also this Korean CD I bought and will be bringing home, the single for Wonder Girls' "Nobody But You." Haha, lets see if that becomes as popular in the US as it did in our group thanks to kareoke.

Back on topic, yeah, hung out with Jin and Van de Kamp for most of the weekend, also Kati and Danielle. The girls went to the club, but us guys weren't up to the whole dance scene so we went and got food at a bar (mm, chicken wings!) and talked about our cultural differences and women (MWahahaha! in hindsight that just sounds weird.)

Song of the Day: HAHAHAHA, It didn't have a name, but whatever random porno-music Van de Camp had on his CD's. When he first put the first CD on in his car while the bunch of us were driving, me, kati and Danielle went maybe ten seconds before cracking up out loud. His response was that "this was his kind of music" which did not surprise us at all, lol, playa...

His "western music" CD had such songs as Survivor (Destiny's Child), Get the Party Started (Pink), Candy Shop (50 Cent), and Jenny From the Block (J-Lo). HAHahaha, oh man Van de Camp cracks me up.

Remarkable language barrier: Things the girls explained to the Korean boys over the course of the weekend: Lingerie, birth control pills, the term "naked." Also when Kati gave her number to guys (or more accurately, Van de Kamp's number...) she had to explain to Van to tell them they had the wrong number if they called.

Quotes of the Day: "I'm best driver. Don't worry." - Van de Camp (right after every driving scare, ie: not going at green lights, bad turns, several close-to-fender benders, lol...) also "It's my first time." to other things, that cracked us up, lol.

"You are very blessed to have been born in the United States." - Van de Camp. I'm not quite sure why he said this, but I agreed with him. I love America, and look forward to going back. But I replied that Korea is awesome, and he clearly loves it very much, and surely he considers it a blessing he was born in Korea.

Remarkable observations: High schoolers in Korea and the US do the same boring things in their free time apparently, lol. I tried to get out of them what they did when they just went to hang in their free time, and it seemed to be the exact same stuff we did back home. Koreans, to get the good jobs, need to score high on the TOEFL (Toe-ful) or "Test of English as a Foreign Language." As such, Van de Kamp's book shelf was filled with biochemistry reeeally advanced books and TOEFL practice books.

When I asked them what westerners have done that clashed with their culture, they mentioned that in Korea you don't: french kiss in public, dance provocatively (as the American's did at the club, tsk tsk tsk. "Sex dance" I believe he called it), and um... oh, yeah, your not supposed to drink alcohol from the bottle ever. Always cups.

Random remarkable observation, the two Canadian guys and me's names (+ middle) create a chain. "Dion Andrew..." "Andrew James..." "James Brian..." [On that note, our middle names are all on our name tags. The Koreans keep trying to call us First and Middle, but we're trying to convince them we don't use our middle names except on paper.]

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KimSatola said...

can't wait for you to come home. I am glad that you are having so much fun!!!!! We are going to party it up that friday!! and then camping will be a lot of fun!