Friday, March 1, 2013

Two TV Shows the 90's Forgot

Okay, time for another search of the internet: there are two Television shows I really liked in the early '90s that I cannot for the life of me remember any solid details about.

Name That TV Show #1: Art Show Guy! It was probably on PBS (the Cleveland station of which was WVIZ) in the early 90s, but definitely had the film quality of being filmed in sometime between the late-60s and early-80s. If I had to guess, I would say average it out in the 70s somewhere? But it was just a late-40s-ish white guy, with curly brown hair, doing art projects on a desk between him and the cameras only angle. I seem to remember my Dad telling me that this guy was actually his Art teacher in school, which if actually true, suggests it was locally based (Dad went to school in Parma.) I remember one episode had him painting a picture with a watered-down glue, and using different things to pour on it and stick to it (like coffee grounds.) The downside of blogging like this is that I do not have a picture - haha.

He is not, however, to be confused with painter guy -- a guy with a mustache and white hair, who painted as he read a book. I don't know what show that was, but I didn't watch it, that was my brother's thing.

Name That TV Show #2: Puppets on the Street! This was a live-action show that featured a guy, and a miniature New York-ish street set with a bunch of little puppets. It may have been partially animated? But I do remember this piece of art at the Cleveland Art Museum always reminded me of it --

...yeah, "Looking Along Broadway Towards Grace Church" by Red Grooms reminds me of it - lol. It was probably not on PBS, because I seem to remember it being more adult humor.

UP! Found it. "Weinerville" on Nickelodeon. (I guess it wasn't adult humor per se, just called Weinerville haha. I imagine young-me would refuse to even say it.)

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