Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jack Donaghy's Office is THE DREAM

Acknowledging for a just a second I've fallen behind on blogging a lot in the last month, much of that month has included watching 30 Rock on Netflix. And I just wanted to take a second to talk about how amazing-awesome Jack Donaghy's office is, because I've searched the internet and I can't find enough highlighting it.

The Hidden Bathroom

The first season of 30 Rock Jack has a different office set-up, that isn't really the reason I'm writing this blog - because I really truly loved 30 Rock second season on. I think the hidden bathroom might have been in the pilot actually? Here's the hidden bathroom really highlighted in the second season episode "Ludachristmas."

Jack's mother, Colleen, uses the bathroom leading to her eavesdropping on plot device plot device.

I don't think we ever actually see the inside of the bathroom, this is probably the most we see.

The Hidden Tie Cabinet

I don't think this cabinet is meant to be implied it's always been there -- in the earlier episodes, I think there's a picture of Jack with Pope John Paul II there that does not quite fit the hidden cabinet.

Look at this awesome. In "Sunny All The Time Always" at the end of season 5, Liz impresses Jack by taking control of her life, and he rewards her with the gift of one of his neckties. There is another episode where Jack says something about having to switch to a weaker tie because he looks just too sexy in the one he chose; I wonder if the cabinet shows up in that episode...

Bottom shelf extended, haha, this is awesome...

The Hidden Suit/Tux Closet

This is from a random episode, but you can see in the back those two larger portraits have always been on some kind of hidden door. I wonder actually if the writers always knew what this room would be, or waited until the right joke came along.

As far as I can remember, it's only seen in season 2's "Somebody to Love" when yadda yadda yadda and then Jonathan has to put one of Jack's pants away IN...

A SECRET TUX/SUIT CLOSET! WHAaaaaaaaaaaat. Haha, it's like a room Barney Stinsen would have! Above is Jonathan putting the pants away, and for good measure, below is a shot without him in it.

And that is my first look at my favorite parts of Jack Donaghy's office. I hope the people on the internet, having the same problem of no websites acknowledging these awesome parts, enjoy!

Video of the Day: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Jerry Seinfeld & Alec Baldwin. This video is really funny, I don't completely understand why it was made, but it's so cool to see these actors really being friends in a very normal setting of getting coffee.

Quote of the Day: From the video above...
Jerry Seinfeld: *Sees Alec Baldwin (30 Rock's "Jack Donaghy")* "You look good!"
Alec Baldwin:  (beat) "...are you surprised?"

haha, I just love this, because when I hang out and people say "You look nice!" I never know what to say since I pretty much dress classy all the time these days.

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