Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Clockstoppers: I don't know why I remember it so fondly

Okay, let's start with the fact that I HAD NO IDEA NETFLIX'S KIDS SECTION was a different database of movies/TV shows than normal Netflix. I totally thought the kids section was just the kids movies you can find in the "normal" section, with all the bad movies removed.

Turns out there are a BUNCH of things that don't come up on the normal section! Including the two Brave Little Toaster sequals, Arthur, Ahhh! Real Monsters, Clockstoppers, and well, a bunch of other things! For my purposes, I've decided to watch my favorite movie that I do not own: Clockstoppers. Which I haven't watched in like, 9 years probably.

Point, Snap-Autoupload, type in price in the box write? Um, no.
Also he's collecting checks he gets... those poor people trying to balance their books!

Hold on a second, that's not how uploading works!! ...and that's not how eBay works!! ...and that's not how checks work!! UGGH. I give up.

Woah. That was weird. It sounded like someone in the movie just yelled "Andrew!" unrelated to anything in the movie O.o. Right after the Professor/Dad talks to one of the other professors about the NASA project or something in the hallway, after he and his son leave the classroom. (About 8 minutes in.) Anyway.

So now we're at the Rock Climbing store. This movie would be much more interesting if lead Girl "Francesca" (Paula Garc├ęs) was actually a young-Jessica Alba as she kinda looks like she is. (Jessica Alba was 19 when this movie was filmed, so that would have actually worked out really well!)

Also if you see a possum during the day, because they're noctournal, it may have RABIES SO DON'T TOUCH IT!

Haha, so our star (who's name is not very ingrained in the audiences' mind yet) accidentally freezes time for the first time and encounters a frozen possum. He then (assuming the possum is dead) BRINGS IT INSIDE. The most rationale scenerio here should actually be the possum is PLAYING POSSUM (aka: pretending to be dead so a predator leaves it alone. Origin of the phrase "playing possum.") Even if his assumption was correct, bringing the dead possum inside the house to show the girl he's interested in?! Dude's an idiot.

Lol, this movie is so bad. But not really bad, it's just so "Nick movie" that it is bogged down with era-specifics. The clothes at the rave for example look like something out of "Zenon: Girl of the Future"?!? I mean, all the hair and fashion really. But also the fact that they have a DJ battle? It's very c. 2000. Just like if it was 5 years later they'd be having a breakdance battle. 10 years earlier and they'd probably be at some traditional sporting event, like Basketball or Football. ...haha, actually if I waited like 5 more minutes it does turn into a break dancing competition.

Take a moment to appreciate the hairstyles on the right of this picture.

...if you're head was spinning on a record player/turn table thing, wouldn't there be a needle in the center piercing your head or something??? Meeker, isn't that a Muppet's name? I also noticed there was a person in the crowd at the rave who had a "The Flash" shirt on, interesting reference there because of the watch.

(Meanwhile, at the hospital) OMG: The daughter/sister is just playing with a defibralator!? Safety measure much, hospital!?!?! HAHA! Oh my God, a Payphone. Yeah, ain't none of those anymore. I wonder if anyone in this has a cell phone, I haven't been watching too closely. Okay, our star's name is Zak by the way.
"I know this is the last thing you want to hear after a first date, but the cops are after me!"
You're right Zak. That is the worst thing to hear after a first date. Don't you have any other friends you can go to? I seriously have a dozen friends I would go to BEFORE the girl I just went on one date with. Although admittedly, she does know about the watch. But that just means the bad guys are more likely going to go after her too. Spread the wealth man, don't have a few people know everything, have everyone know a little and if they all somehow got together they'd know everything. Just a little look into my mindset.

Wow, well I know this movie is already winner of the "Worst Science of the Decade" award and all, but seriously, their use of hydrogen also sucks. I'm no chemist, but I know that's not how hydrogen works. Well, inconclusion, this is not a great movie - but I like it! I'm definitely glad it's on Netflix, haha. Oh my god this ending is so bad, hahahaha. Ooooooh, Nickelodeon movies....

Song of the Day: "Shake It Out" by Florence and the Machine. You see, like Lady Gaga, all Florence wants to do is dance. And you can't dance with the devil on your back, so Florence wants to hit home her remedy: shake him off!

If you leave this song with anything, it's that you gotta shake him off. I have never really listened (read:understood) the lyrics too closely, but upon closer inspection yeah it's a nice song. It's definitely catchy, I would say this song has been stuck in my head all week, and I don't have it on iTunes so I listen to it on Spotify -- and I worry the people who can see my Spotify feed are like "Why doesn't he listen to more variety???"

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