Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nothing Special, Slow Saturday Morning

Well, this morning has been a slower start than I was hoping. I thought I had a meeting as early as 10:00 am but it looks like it was actually another day so I have just kinda been catching some TV movies. The "Saturday morning cartoons" really sucked -- there's some modern version of Yu-Gi-Oh! that looks ridiculous.

Flipped through channels, found Top Chef: Seattle. Moved on to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and now onto Legally Blonde. This movie is filled with actors and actresses from other things. The guy from ALIAS, the mom from Two and a Half Men, the split-personality woman from Heroes, and other characters look vaguely familiar. Haha, this movie is surprisingly entertaining after twelve-ish years. Oh hey, and the one guy's ex-wife is Aunt Vesta from Sabrina! She's wearing almost the same outfit, actually.

How odd is that?

And talk about giving me hope: Elle was a fashion major and went to Harvard Law, as an Education/Poli-Sci I feel like my transition is a little less of a stretch. Not that this movie is based in reality in the slightest.

Quote of the Day: Watching Top Chef: Seattle, and the chefs are coming out with their food realizing they just cooked for like, all the world famous chefs there are, and most of them made pretty average dishes (like grilled cheese, chicken pot pie.) Brooke made the entertaining introduction: "Hello, group of intimidating people..."

Song of the Day: "Watch Me Shine" by Joanna Pacitti. This is played during Elle Woods' "I've decided to say fu*k you and do it on my own!" scene in Legally Blonde.

Upcoming Film of the Day: "Movie 43" (2013) I have no real idea what this movie is about, the wikipedia page doesn't have anything resembling a synopse, and the preview just appears to be a variety of funny scenes mixed together with way more celebrities than an average movie. Emma Stone, Halle Berry, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman!? I can't say I'll promise to see this, but it definitely succeeds at catching my attention.

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