Thursday, December 6, 2012

The End of Unlimited Data

Thought I'd post this image real quick. The GPS chip in my cell phone is starting to malfunction, after I've had the phone for approximately two years, so I took it in to get a new one. They told me I would need to give up my unlimited data plan to get a new phone, and they took a look at my data usage and told me that I used significantly more on average than the average plan.

That to limit my data usage, I would need to in fact pay $40-50 MORE per month on top of my phone bill. That seemed fishy, so I said no thanks and walked out. Upon closer inspection of my usage though, I really don't use as much data as they made it seem under normal circumstances -- my time in Chillicothe not being normal circumstances.

Haha, as you can see, I wasn't about to pay $150 a month to have I think 4-5 GB of data a month when I really only use like $1.5 GB of data in an average month.

Still, the look on the guys eyes when he saw how much data I used reminded me of the Chinese restaurant in West Akron when I finished the hot sauce she delivered. She did a little hop in shock that I was able to eat the hot sauce, haha. Aw well, looks like I'll be limiting my data in favor of a new phone in the not too-distant future.

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