Sunday, December 16, 2012

The 2012 Christmas List: Part 1

Patsy asked me yesterday if mom still asks me for a Christmas list. Ha! No, she doesn't, I try to make her one though because she's really... odd about buying Christmas presents. I'm all for presents not being as important as the love of family, and it's the thought that counts, but mom is of a more practical straightforward mindset: "all Gift-cards! So you can buy what you want." Nobody wants to wake up on Christmas and just have Gift-cards! We live in the instant gratification generation, and I can't buy that vest at Express on Christmas day.

So I've constructed, for my friends and more as a thought excercise, what I want for Christmas this year. This will also help the week after Christmas during the sales when I'm all like "What do I want to buy that no one got me..."

Section 1: Playstation 3 Games. So as you may or may not know, I just bought myself a Playstation 3 - and it has been a blast! I'm lovin the Uncharted series. So there are a few games I would like, that given time, I would probably end up buying myself. But as I've elaborated to Panda: buying video games as a gift is kind of weird. It's not particularly personal, it's just a matter of buying the thing the person wants. And once the person is done playing the game, it just sits on a shelf. But I guess that's the same with books sort of? I dunno. Mixed feelings on video games.

1A: "L.A. Noire" - I've heard of this game before, looked into it a bit the other day when I realized one of the actors from Charmed is in it, and it sounds really cool. Mystery solving (CHECK!), 8-square mile habitat based on real historic Los Angeles (Awesome?!), and dozens of mysteries that take place in that environment. I think this game would last be quite a while, and be pretty cool, so it makes the list.

1B: "Siren: Blood Curse" - I've searched and searched, but apparently this game was not released in the US. Panda tells me PS3s don't have regions like DVD players do, so I can just buy it from eBay even if it's from the UK or Australia (note: English* speaking country!) This game is considered by many to be one of the scariest games for PS3 out there! So that's awesome, cause I love horror video games. I admit I only understand part of the plot, and am saving the rest for when I actually play the game. But it's set in Japan, occult ritual, missing village sort of like Silent Hill.

1C: Then there are a few games that I would be fine if they were used, or missing their case or something to get them cheaper. Things that I like, but probably am going to put off buying myself for quite some time. I like Lego games, and own the complete Star Wars: Both Trilogies for Lego but haven't gotten around to playing it much. Indiana Jones lego would be cool, Batman lego I was not too impressesd with when I played it, and I'm not too optimistic about The Hobbit lego, not really into the whole Hobbit/LOTR genre. Harry Potter Lego, now that would probably be cool, but isn't it split up across multiple games? That's weird, but I'd probably like it. So Harry Potter Lego and Indiana Jones Lego.

Then there's Playstation 3 All Stars (which includes Nathan Drake from Uncharted) but he's probably the only character I'd ever play as, as I haven't played all that many PlayStation 3 games haha. Also no one ever comes to my house to play against me, and I feel like Panda's the only person I know with a PS3 and she doesn't have the game - so fighting games require a lot of set up time to truly enjoy. I'm pretty much a video game loner.

Song of the Day: "Primadonna" by Marina & The Diamonds. So I heard this on the radio, I think at a girls clothing store with Panda, and my first instinct was "this sounds exactly like Katy Perry." The music video is boring, kind of cookie cutter for aspiring pop stars. I definitely see elements we've seen before. Dog? Check. Dark Romp in an Expensive House? Check. Though this is the first time I've felt traces of Paranormal Activity thrown in -- haha. Still, I thought it was worth a listen.

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