Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Right Click, Add "Fracking" to Dictionary

Well, my friend Laura has been asking that I look into the documentary "Gasland" for some time now - probably since early summer, and I put it on my Blockbuster que (yes, still have one of those) at that time and they sent it to me probably in August. It's been sitting in it's sleeve since then (I even took it with me down to Chillicothe!) because I haven't had the time to give it the intellectual time I think it deserves, and at 2:11 tonight I think it's about time. So this blog will be my review, of sorts, of that documentary.

Let me tell you my first impression of the anti-Fracking movement. I first heard of "fracking" when mom was signing petitions against it online, did some googling, it didn't sound particularly environmentally friendly so my instinct was to oppose it but learn more when necessary. Fracking eventually came to Ohio, and I had lots of things on my plate, didn't really have a chance or need to learn more yet. Then it literally came to my city, and I happened to be at the City Council meeting (I like to pop in for fun, when I can) when numerous anti-Fracking people spoke to City Council. I gotta say, based on that meeting and the first part of the Documentary I've gottne through so far -- the anti-Fracking movement needs to get their image together. Everyone is in ragged clothes, messy hair, and it ruins their credibility when the pro-Fracking movement will always be in suits, ties, and $400 haircuts.

Subterranean Shale in the US (where Fracking targets.)

News Stories I am reading, and have found noteworthy, are listed here:
Representative Diana DeGette of Denver (D-CO) has in the past submitted legislation (The Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act) that did not pass during the Democratic controlled 111th Congress, and though submitted did not come for a vote during the split 112th Congress either -- so I do not have high hopes for it's future in the 113th Congress.

So to my friend, who is super eager to protect from Fracking to the point where last I spoke to her she opposed President Obama's reelection because he supported it - I plan to tell her the best first step is to get the Fracturing Responsibility Act passed. Since that has poor hopes right now, any stricter regulations do not really have a chance at this point. But regulating the industry to make it safer is necessary, I see why so many Democrats support it -- it brings in jobs and reduces our reliance on foreign oil - but we need to regulate it far more responsibly.

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