Tuesday, December 11, 2012

'Merica: Another Reason it sucks to be North Korea

So I was googling, and apparently North Korea had a successful "satellite" launch test? (I like this story better.) A test they have been trying since 1998, but has yet to be successful. It got me to wondering, what's North Korea up to? So I did some searching, and let me just say one more time how much I love America.

Ya see, while googling, I found these diagrams of North Korean political prison camps and these images of a North Korean missile site. And it reassures me to no end that if these are the images we freely, publicly share on the news and the internet -- imagine what CIA and Covert Government programs must be able to see. Kudos, America, on being awesome, and sharing what several steps beneath our awesomeness looks like.

I drew in those squares, where I took the following zoomed in pics.

The North Koreans surely can't tell exactly how many canoes we have, at any given location. Unless we feel like sharing that information on Google Earth, which we do, because we are secure enough in our awesomeness and transparency is a value in our culture. But at the end of the day, I'm betting the North Koreans aren't happy we know exactly how many canoes they have.

Look, the North Koreans have even been so kinda as to incorporate isolines into their landscaping. Thanks North Koreans! Saves our geographers the hassle.

My final favorite part is this thing. I don't know what it is, North Korea, but you can bet our scientists do, and they know exactly how tall it is because MATH. Yeah, we can see this, so don't try anything funny NK.

These images were taken on March 11, 2009 from SPACE bitches; and that last picture is an "Umbilical tower and launch pad."

Song of the Day: "Sometimes Things Get, Whatever" by Deadmau5. From his album "Random Album Title." Released in September 2008 (so before President Obama was elected the First time...) it reminds me the first time I gave any thought to Deadmau5 was when a student of mine (while student teaching) was listening to it in the Computer lab and asked me if I listened to Deadmau5, which until that point I had not.

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