Monday, December 17, 2012

Marina & The Diamonds vs. Lady Gaga

Okay, so I started this off kind of with the idea that Marina was copying off Lady Gaga, or at least there was an inordinate number of inspired-by scenes, but now I think I'm probably stretching a bit, and I'm actually coming to appreciate her music a bit more once I get over the fact she sounds a lot like Katy Perry.

Still, what's done is done: and now I have these comparison shots and they have to go somewhere.

It started with the above image, where I'm like "Oh. She's dancing in a white bath house. How very Bad Romance.

 Then I noticed in Primadonna, the song that introduced me to Ms. Marina, that "walking around a rich person's house with a spot light on you" kinda sounded familiar. Low and behold, Gaga's been there and done that.
Then there was this confused dog. And I remembered Gaga serenaded dogs before! Only they didn't look as confused as Fido here on the right.

 And if a dog is doing it, a cat's probably done it and decided it wasn't worth their time. Low and behold Marina's "Power & Control" features another furry confused creature. Then I tried to remember if there were any cats in Gaga music videos, and this sphinx cat came to mind. Hardly a "stole the idea to use a cat from Lady Gaga" but interesting different uses.

Song of the Day: From the Primadonna link, the first song it recommended was "How to Be a Heart Breaker" by Marina & the Diamonds. We have a recurring joke that Angela has a gay army/mafia, that I think traces it's origin to a party where someone invited an annoying guy that none of us knew that was gay and didn't like Angela. We thought that it was funny cause Angela always invited a BUNCH of gay guys to her parties who would defend her in a heartbeat if that argument broke out. I don't remember him ever coming back, but the gay mafia often did.

Where am I going with this you ask? I think this song goes to show that like Angela and Lady Gaga, Marina is also the head honcho of a gay mafia, so ya know, don't challenge her to a scantly clad dance off in the shower or a toe-nail painting contest.

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