Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blogging as a Career

I've been blogging since High School! (Maybe even middle school? But AOL & Myspace deleted those early blogs.) And the fact that these blogs are generally aimless is intentional, I just like having a record of my life that I can google/search for specific things if I need answers later. A lot of blogs are more focused, like the ones I follow about politics or the Foreign Service.

"Tots weird, that is cray!"

Haha, the above video -- a movie preview, sort of, that I saw at the movies the other day made me think about just how many bloggers there are these days! Both of the characters happen to be bloggers, just saying, interesting coincidence. Every now and then, while I'm giving arrogant if informed advice on things, I feel like I would have a pretty interesting lifestyle blog like Men's fashion or Twenty-Something lifestyle. (Can I point out that, after googling, there are a lot of blogs out there titled some variation of "Twenty Something Lifestyle" already.)

Song of the Day: "Want You Gone", performed by GlaDOS (voiced by Ellen McLane), written by John Coulton. Okay, don't read or watch this if you have any interest in not spoiling the end of Portal 2. I didn't know what to expect from the end of Portal 2, but boy was I glad when it was a song!

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