Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Advice to a Struggling 1940s Department Store

So last night I was watching the Marx Brothers movie "The Big Store." I *LOVE* the Marx Brothers, I have since I was very young and watched the movies with my dad -- and I'd like to think I got my sense of humor from my dad, because we used to watch all the old comedies like Gene Wilder and the Marx Brothers. And Mom's sense of humor is just awful. But anyway.
My new DVD rack! Can you spot the Marx Bros. collection?
Wow. Didn't know I had so many DVDs until they were stacked up to almost my height.
So things you should know: The Marx Brothers, if you don't know, were like *THE* Comedian group of the like, late 1920s through mid-1940s. Their quick variety of humor (three brothers, Harpo, Cheeko and Groucho -- Groucho being my favorite) played in all kinds of different settings, one parodying Casablanca, another set in preparing for an Opera, this particular one was set in a Department Store that was going through financial trouble of some kind (in 1941.)

Observation numero uno: There was a point where they were going to celebrate selling the store, and the guy says "It's Saturday, so the store closes at 1:00 - we can have a party right here in the store for all the employees!" Ummmmmm... I'm sorry. Pause. Rewind. Did you say the Mall closes at 1:00 PM on a Saturday, cause it was definitely daytime. How on EARTH was that standard practice in the 1940s? How did anyone shop!? You'd have to get to the mall so super early, the lines would be crazy. You know what would help you're struggling department store buddy -- BETTER HOURS.

Picture of the Day: I love Chipotle's sense of humor, haha. I love that this is a classy printed sign, in Chipotle font and everything. Just awesome.

Song of the Day: "If I Were A Core" by Harry101UK. BAHAHAHAHAHA! So, I totally came across one of his other Portal songs and thought it was legit produced by the people who made Portal. I mean, the voices, the animation, the professionalism of it all is Out Of This World. (SPAAAAACE!) This particular song is a automated turret singing about how it wishes it was a Core (like Wheatley.) It's a parody of "If I Were A Boy" by Beyonce. I just can't even, this is great.

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