Monday, October 15, 2012

What Would Regina Wear: Mens Edition

So the only TV show that I go all out to find a way to watch these days is Once Upon a Time. (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and The Colbert Report would probably come in second, and I really don't go out of my way to watch these at all.) Instead, rather than wait the 24 hours for Once to get to Hulu, my boss (also a Once fan) has graciously invited me over her house to watch it on Sunday nights with her roommate! Love this job!
My favorite character from the show, as I have past alluded to? Mayor Regina Mills (AKA: The Evil Queen), played by the lovely Lana Parrilla. The premise for the show, one more time, is "...all the fairy tale characters you know and love have been brought to our world by an evil curse, where they have lost their memories..." yadda yadda yadda savior, Maine. Anyway.

As everyone knows, I do love Leading Women Bad Asses, especially when they rock a pantsuit! So I thought I'd post a bit about how I wish I had clothes that were mens versions of Regina's.

This has come to be known, on the internet, as the Epic Jacket Flip of Awesomeness.

This is the outfit the Evil Queen wore in the last two episodes of the last season, and the first episode of this season (because it was all supposed to take place over the course of a really dramatic 24 hour period I think?) Well, from one of my favorite Asian clothing makers Youstars, here is a Black-with-White piping blazer and low-cut vest that resemble the evil queen's outfit. But looking at these images, I'm not really convinced the Blacks would match.

Ya know, I think Hillary even has something similar...

Haha, while googling around, apparently this was also the outfit of choice for the 1960's cult favorite "The Prisoner." Considering what was happening to the Evil Queen during the scenes she wore this, I wonder if that was at all intentional?

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