Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"I haven't loved you in a long, long time... so why do I feel this way?"

So out of the blue, a friend retweeted a link saying "If you still think myspace is gone forever, check this out..." and the video is awesome! It makes myspace look very reinvented, and I look forward to the possibility of MySpace making a come back! And am further entertained by the idea that for the next decade society will flock from MySpace to Facebook to MySpace to Facebook....

But the part that I particularly love is this music. The lyrics are perfect. It's a real song, about I guess a girl missing a guy but not really or something. But if you listen to it thinking it's about MySpace: Holy Cow! It's like, spot on transitioning from MySpace missing me, to my thinking their new website is Awesome!

"Who am I to say, I want you back
When you were never mine to give away...
Who are you to look at me like that?
I haven't loved you in a long, long time... so why do I feel this way?...
If you break my heart a second time, I might never be the same..."
Song of the Day: "Heartbeat" by JJAMZ. Obviously.

Quote of the Day: Alright, so SNL has been on summer vacation until last week, when they introduced their new actor playing President Obama, and did their traditional lampooning of the Presidential race. I gotta say the new Obama isn't great, their Mitt is good but it's just not "show stoppin" like Sarah Palin because Mitt is not show stopping, nor is Joe Biden. But I love that actor, he's really good. But this weekend, the potential star of the SNL election may have made her first appearance. Ann Romney.

In a Weekend Update with Seth Meyers, an SNL Ann Romney (Governor Romney's wife) comes on talking about her real life statements telling Republicans critical of the Romney campaign to lay off because "This is Hard!"

"You guys wish Ron Paul was still running? Well guess what, he prolly is, 'cause he's a lunatic who doesn't understand how voting works!" - SNL Ann Romney

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