Sunday, August 19, 2012

BEEZ in my Lap, Part 1

What an oddly exciting past 24 hours. And let me just say how proud I am of this blog's title, for reasons I'll explain in a few paragraphs.

So what a weird past day I've had? Yesterday, Panda happy to have finally hit payday wanted a night out and I tried to assemble the troops - and Patsy was able to convince Kat to come out! We haven't seen her in forever; and Angela was up to joining us too, so we got some DELICIOUS Mike's Place (I always forget that place exists. It's so weird that Patsy just thinks of it as another place, even had a Birthday party there, but I think of it as a place I discovered for our group of friends in 2006.

After a super-delicious and filling meal and drinks there, we met up with Panda and made our way to Bar #1. Which was pretty dead for a bit, so we went for a walk down the street to check the other bars within walking distance. After stopping outside of one bar, I said "Patsy, open the door and see if anyone's in there so we don't all have to walk in." Right after I said that, a Bartender came and opened the window-less door and put a doorstop in. It was empty. We decided to head to the Valley, near Angela's apartment.

The Valley also being dead, we decided to heck with finding a crowded place and just had a good time chatting about all kinds of random stuff. Eventually the conversation got seriously close to myself and 4 girls going to a strip club. But I knew they'd chicken out so that didn't happen, and Patsy and Kat called it a night and Angela invited friend Mike out with us. So we headed to downtown Akron to see what was poppin'.

Most of the usually dead places in Akron were dead, we almost checked out Primo's except for the 5$ cover -- it was definitely packed, which didn't make sense to me with the cover. We could not figure out where everyone was on Friday nights??? In my head at least, Friday and Saturday should be the go-out-party nights. But Fridays are always dead. Anyway, we go over to Paolo's (Bar #5 for those counting) and there it's so packed that after Panda and I get in, Angela and Mike are turned away at the door.
"Vodka is like tofu, it can be anything you want it to be!"
- Panda

"I wish I could take a Facebook picture of the way it smells!"
- Me.
This bar was, shall we say, a bit more urban than we were expecting -- but that didn't mean they didn't make a WONDERFUL Loopy drink that Panda is now in love with. Loopy being Fruitloop Vodka, and damn, it seriously is wonderful mixed with ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. We finished our drinks, took a look at the dance floor...
"Wanna check out the back room?"
"You're going to leave me here!?"

"No, come with me."

"To the Bathroom!?"

"No, the BAAACK Room, where the music is coming from."
"OH, about to say, uhhh that's not something I can join you with..."
..., and met up with Angela and Mike over at 69 Taps (Bar #6!) for a brief time. Also dead, but their always dead, so there's a different way to enjoy it there - lol. So from there, Mike volunteers to drive us to Taco Bell and we can all crash at Angela's house. So as is typical of our "end of an awesome night out" tradition, we stop at Taco Bell with the intention of watching some good ole' Ghost Adventures. Haha, but after I finish eating, I paassss out. It was probably that last shot that did me in.

(Everyone else still awake.) "Andrew, you're snoring."
"I know, I can hear myself..."
Then this morning, my phone dead, we all head to the wonderful shrine to the morning after: Swensons. The best part of waking up has nothing to do with coffee, and everything to do with Potato Teasers dipped in Ranch Dressing.
"Attractive men running at you, carrying galleyboys:
The Swensons Dream..."

- Angela
(To Be Continued in BEEZ in my Lap, Part 2. Spoilers: Nelson's Ledges & a Hot Air Balloon.)

Song of the Day: "The A Team" by Ed Sheeran. So this has been on 96.5 KISS FM twice now over the weekend, and I gotta say it's not typical pop-y top 100 stuff. More of a Jason Mraz feel to it. Well the songs itself is kind of sad/sobering, but the music video (which is notably amateurish looking) of course manages to be even sadder. (Also sad, that Ed Sheeran's youtube channel does not allow embedding -- so you're going to have to click that link above.) The chorus of this song is "it's too cold outside for Angels to fly..." -- literally chilling imagery.
Quote of the Day: "Everything you say is, like, a movie reference..." haha, Panda's friend Christian said this to me and at the time I denied it (for some odd reason), but it's pretty much the truest statement ever made. I'm the Lorelei half of a Gilmore Girl set (Patsy has volunteered to be Rory, because she is more read than I am. I cover the pop culture and movie/song references with my quick wit.)

Haha, which reminds me of one of Patsy's new favorite words: Complisault. Compliment + Insult. Like when I said during our D.C. road trip that something she said was funny and could have been funnier if she'd said it 20 seconds earlier, haahahaha.

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