Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Pop

Wow, I have fallen dramatically behind on blogging I see. It's already freakin' a third of the way through July! :( Summer is going by so quickly. Well, I guess I'll focus on the fact that I went to Cedar Point the other day with Brittany, Tea and Mike L. and it was fun. It was also, oh, THE HOTTEST DAY OF SUMMER. After LSSP/ICON in New Orleans reaching heat indexes of 105 degrees, I figured it surely wouldn't get that hot back home.

Wouldn'tcha know, I come back, only to get the same unseasonably warm temperatures here. The 7th it was 99 real degrees with a heat index of 105ish. Everyone in the park was disgustingly sweating, and even I was relegated to stripping down to ONE LAYER of clothing x_x

Oh well, it was fun, most of the lines were shorter because people in their right minds chose to stay home. Then we saw Carly Rae Jepsen perform (after having to wait OVER AN HOUR after she was supposed to start, lol.) The others didn't actually want to see her perform much after we had waited all that time, which I don't really understand, but at least I got to see her some, it was kinda cool.

Song of the Day: "Tug of War" by Carly Rae Jepsen, trying desperately not to be a one hit wonder -- she of "Call Me Maybe" fame, 27-year old Canadian artist Carly Rae Jepsen actually has a few other songs wouldn'tcha know! Well, she was at Cedar Point on July 7th, and Brittany chose that day to organize a trip to go. (Ironic, because she hates Carly Rae Jepsen.) Well, anyway, I kinda like this song and while I downloaded her other songs, I can't seem to find this one, giving it that certain "harder to find" value in my subconscious.

Video of the Day: Traveler's Insurance: "Good Job" (Dog Commercial) -- omg, this is the most awesome dog ever. I want a dog that does these things! He even recycles! Lol, I was watching TV during dinner and this came on and I was more entertained by it than I probably should have been, but seriously, this would be the most awesome dog.

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