Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rocking a Vest

I have wanted to, for some time now, be able to rock a good vest. Some people can easier than others, but I am still determined to find that perfect vest out there that I look awesome in. I bought one today because it was so cheap at Burlington Coat Factory, but I will probably return it after trying it on with practically every combination of my button-up shirts (which, suffice it to say, is alot.)

On a separate note, I also bought a square-bottom knit tie which I think I could pull off with a spare few outfits, but only in the fall. It was also really cheap at Burlington Coat Factory, so I will probably keep that.

Lately in particular I have been searching, after this past year of Once Upon a Time with character Sherriff Graham -- who consistantly wore a vest and leather jacket and looked fantastic doing it. (Googling now, I wonder if some of his badass image is in fact the piece he carries...) He also has a Scottish accent and that "rough" facial hair look -- so maybe he's like Hugh Jackman and can just make anything look badass.

(Actually, upon closer inspection -- I'm not sure this and the above image aren't the same outfit.)

Also lately, been watching Political Animals, and Sebastian Stan's character of T.J. Hammond (son of Secretary of State Elaine Barrish-Hammond) was rocking the same basic idea. I want that look: he is not armed, nor does he have facial hair.

Song of the Day: "Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?)" by Simple Plan. Haha, I totally thought this was a Good Charlotte song apparently. Found a Simple Plan CD I didn't know I owned and put it on my iTunes today, finally getting around to listening to it.

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