Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Foreign Language Options of Ohio Colleges (North East Ohio)

I'm considering doing some post-bac work in a foreign language, either get another degree, or teaching certificate. (I'm really just considering all my life options this summer.) But I can't find a very comprehensive list of Ohio schools and what they offer anywhere. When I can't find something, I presume others can't find it eather, so I should try to make it easier for the next person by posting what I find on my blog. That's my logic anyway, so here are my findings.

(Note: I am not including American Sign Language in my research.)

The University of Akron
Only French and Spanish are offered as majors.
French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese are offered as minors.
But I know classes are offered (at least 2 years worth) in Russian, German, Latin and Japanese. Also a single semester of Korean. Not enough to qualify for a major or minor, but they meet the "Foreign Langauge" requirement many have.

Kent State University
Major: French I think, German, Latin, Russian, Spanish
Minor: Arabic, Chinese, Latin, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
Masters programs are also offered in a couple of these languages.
A few classes that satisfy foreign language requirements are offered in Hebrew, Italian,

Hiram College
Major: French and Spanish
Minor: French and Spanish
Foreign Language requirement classes offered: Arabic and Chinese; they also have a number of options partner universities abroad.

Baldwin Wallace University
Major in Spanish, French and German.
Minor in Spanish, French, German.
Requirement Coursework: Arabic, Chinese, Italian

Walsh University
Majors in: French and Spanish

Cleveland State University
Major: French and Spanish.
Minor: Arabic, French, German, Spanish
Coursework: Chinese, Classical Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin

Case Western Reserve
Major: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portugese, Russian, Spanish.
I think, their website seems to be a bit outdated, and the links don't work.

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