Friday, July 20, 2012

2012 Presidential Election Map Prediction

I've been in a political mood lately, and with that, comes predictions for the 2012 Presidential election. First of all, I am hopeful and supportive of President Obama being reelected. Romney has no foreign policy stances, his understanding of the plight of the common man is abysmal, and overall has done nothing to identify with any issues important to voters. He's not "going to beat Obama on the economy" or on "healthcare" or by riling people up over this or that, he wants to beat Obama because he's "the Republican challenger."

I am hopeful and optimistic, that Ohio will go for President Obama. (As they say in politics, "So goes Ohio, so goes the Nation.") I have also, after playing with CNN's election map app - given Nevada, the Carolinas and Florida to Romney (and his homestate of New Hampshire, which I think I was being generous about.) But rather than the "sideburn" states that Kerry won, I think there are distinctive in-roads that Obama will carry -- Colorado has been leaning more progressive lately I think, and New Mexico's high latino rate will recognize how much the President has tried to do only to be held back by the Republicans.

I will probably revise this in the future, but this is what I see happening right now.

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