Sunday, June 17, 2012


Well, after staying up until 4 am playing Monopoly (with new Jenna Marblesian rules), getting two hours of sleep, and then attending a board meeting from 9 to 3; I napped from like 5PM (ish?) to 9:30AM SUNDAY MORNING -- lol. I don't know if I love or hate that feeling of "WHat time is it?! 9... *looks out window* AM or PM!???"

But I did have a super long dream that I attended a private school (or rather I was "there," because I remember thinking I had graduated.) And there was a crazy crackdown on parties or something and everyone had to get into a huge line in the hall and it was weird and Chinese girls were there? Then there was a library, that had some kind of Harry Potter books -- it was like explaining the Harry Potter universe (as if it were real) inside another fictional universe. Lemony Snicket maybe? I don't remember.

Well it's raining and I still have swimmers ear, so I guess I'm not doing Wildwater Kingdom today. What to do, not nap, that's for sure.

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